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How to delete ProtonMail account in 2022

Proton Mail

Hi all. I think there is not a single person left who has never heard of or not used e-mail. Sending a physical letter, takes a lot of time and, although postal services give guarantees, there are cases when parcels and letters still do not arrive. In this article I will try to break down the mail (and not only) service of the powerful encryption system Proton and find its pros and cons. Let’s also try to delete protonmail email account.

Data has its own value, which means that having stolen it, attackers can sell and use the obtained information for their own purposes. Proton was created to anonymize users.

how to delete protonmail account

So what is Proton and why use it?

Initially, it was just a post office with an end-to-end encryption system. But just recently, there was an update which added a few more products. Namely, in addition to mail, proton drive appeared, which will help keep your files safe. Proton VPN, which will help to enter a blocked resource or just change the location to register in local services. Proton Calendar, which will help your life get organized. Let’s talk about the whole ecosystem.

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End-to-end encryption system – a way of communication based on the use of cryptographic keys, which help to protect data from intruders, hackers and providers. Since ISPs and mail owners do not have access to the conversations, they cannot send letters to government agencies.
Pros and cons of the service

The first thing worth noting is that this mail service is not completely free. So, in order to use drive, VPN and calendar you will need to pay a subscription, which starts from 4 euros per month. This subscription includes 15 gigabytes of storage support 10 mail addresses, unlimited emails, and of course priority support.
In addition to the regular paid subscription, there is an ultimate subscription, which includes not 15, but 500 gigabytes of storage, 15 email addresses, as well as support for 3 email domains, and all this will cost you 10 dollars per month.

Let’s also take a closer look at VPNs

The service is available on four main platforms, namely windows, Linux, android and Apple. Of the advantages over other anonymizers can be noted about two thousand servers, high speed of the Internet, as well as a large number of countries. There is also a free limited version.

Sign up on SMS-MAN

What to do if you want to use the service, but do not want to leave your phone number?
There is a way out! You just need to buy a number for OTP activation.
SMS-MAN is the right service for this purpose, where you can not only activate your account, but also take a number for a long term lease. Reasonable prices and responsive support will not leave you indifferent.


  • Registration does not take more than 5 minutes. For her you need only an email.
  • After that you need to fund your account by one of the available methods. Among the available methods are cryptocurrency, Coinbase, Advcash, Payeer and WeChat. Check all payments carefully!
  • Choose the right country. Be sure to use the VPN of the country whose number you selected, otherwise the confirmation code may not come. You can use Browsec or hidemyname for this purpose.
  • Then look for proton and buy the number for activation.
  • The number issued is entered at registration, to get the activation code press the Send Message button.
  • Our Proton account is created and ready to use.

How delete protonmail email account

Let’s try to delete our account in the same way.

  • First, log in to your account
  • Go to settings
  • At the very bottom there will be a red button “delete account”, we need to click on it
  • Select the reason and click delete

Always be aware of the security of your data on the network and do not leave confidential data in the public domain.
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