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How to delete correspondence in Discord

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Discord messenger allows you to exchange messages instantly and create your own chats and channels. It is a convenient means of communication between users. If there are questions about how to delete a message in Discord or correspondence in full, we will try to answer them in detail. Consider the situation for the program on the computer and the application for smartphones or tablets.

When you need to register an account in Discord, you will need to enter your phone number. You don’t have to use your own. Service “Sms-man” offers to buy a virtual number specifically for Discord, which costs from $0.12. You can read the received SMS in a special section of your personal account.You can also rent a virtual number for a specified period, with its help you can repeatedly receive SMS, and create accounts on various sites.


How to delete correspondence in Discord on your computer

There are some peculiarities that need to be explained. If you are looking for how to delete a dialog in Discord, it is not enough to click the cross in front of the user’s name. This method will remove the chat from the visible list. The dialog will be saved in the interlocutor, and when you send a message again, it will be fully restored to you.

How to delete private message correspondence in Discord

This is the easiest way, provided by the basic functionality of the program. We’ll tell you how to delete messages in Discord in the PM with an example:

Go to the dialog of interest. Select the user, and then opens a branch of the dialogue. Find the message of interest.

Удалить личные сообщения в Дискорд

2. Click on the message. An icon with three dots appears at the top right.

Удалить сообщение в Дискорд

3. press, which opens a menu. Select the item “Delete message”.

Удалить диалог в Дискорд

4. We get a confirmation window. Click “Delete” again. The message is now erased.

Стереть сообщение в Дискорд навсегда

This method is not suitable if you are interested in how to delete multiple messages there.


How to delete messages in Discord using a bot

To simplify the work of chat administrators, there are special scripts. Among the various options, consider the bot Mee6. His functionality is suitable for those who are looking for how to delete the history of messages in Discord or perform other actions.



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