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How to Create WeСom Account without a Phone Number?

WeСom Account without a Phone Number

Have you never googled “What is WeCom”? WeCom is a business-specific communication and networking platform that simplifies your job as an office employee and businessman. The service is part of Tencent’s product line, with 22M+ downloads since the invention in 2016.

WeCom is integrated into WeChat’s ecosystem, an app by the same production team. They share a lot, but the former offers additional corporate capabilities, including document management or job reporting. Without ado, let’s head below for a detailed answer to “What is WeCom?”.

What is WeCom Detail-Wise?

Although the WeCom app was created in China, it works globally. The platform’s users include office employees from the US and Europe.

What is WeCom

This adaptability to different markets was made possible for WeCom due to several advantages:

  • Fully Integrated with WeChat. This is the number-one communication app in China, with 1.3B active customers, who share things in p2p & group chats, stories called Moments, mini-programs (in-app add-ons), etc. What’s nice, app supports WeChat’s functions in its interface.
  • Corporate Payments. The platform allows people to create corporate payment accounts to settle with WeChat merchants. Thus, WeCom users don’t need to add private bank accounts, but can instead specify the corporate ones.
  • Performance Tools & Office Add-Ons. These include employee attendance statistics, affirmation of corporate processes, budgets, deadlines, etc., job progress reporting, and a document check-in system. What is WeCom audience getting out of it? These capabilities provide an additional layer of corporate stability, which is valuable.
  • Video Conferencing & Live Broadcasting. The users can schedule an online conference that supports screen sharing, chatting, image & file exchange, etc. They can also start a live broadcast during the conference if needed.
  • Overall Data Security. WeCom has passed the SOC2Type2 audit, which means confirming a level of data protection that can compete even with high-end banks.

Notably, corporate employees who use WeCom can contact ordinary WeChat users and serve as touch points between a company and a customer, which is great for CRM.

So, what is WeCom? Turns out, WeCom is a mobile app that serves as a big adjustment to WeChat, used by roughly 90% of the Chinese population. Given that, it is helpful for both corporate management & communication and CRM procedures.

WeCom Registration — Explained

They have a fairly simple registration, allowing you to receive an authorized account on WeCom. They explain this requirement with an urge to follow Chinese law and improve user security.

Just follow these steps and you won’t get any trouble:

  1. Find the WeCom Platform on mobile or web;
  2. Enter Sign-Up area;
  3. Choose the Company Name, Size & Industry Title;
  4. Add Admin Username;
  5. Type in phone number, and confirm the data by SMS.

All parties are invited — the selection area for national mobile number codes includes most countries of the world. Plus, companies of all sizes, from 1 employee to 1000+, are supported. Finally, they have provided a list of professional areas, from IT to Others.

When you add phone information, you also provide your country of residence. Hackers & spammers often exploit it for localized spam attacks. You don’t want to get under one, so consider avoiding phone submission during the WeCom registration. Among the options available, virtual phone numbers are noteworthy.

How to Make a We Com Account without a Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is exceptionally valuable because you don’t have to provide your location, name and passport details. They completely bypass traditional control systems: for example, when you create a WeCom account, the app treats this number as a regular one and sends an SMS code.

The SMS-Man platform offers virtual phone numbers for registration in more than 1500 applications and websites. You can buy a virtual phone number from 180+ United States, China, Germany, UK and more.

virtual phone number from sms man

So, to use SMS-Man services, you need to:

  1. Visit, register and log in.
  2. Open the “Top up my balance” tab and make a deposit.
  3. Click on “Get SMS”, then select your country and WeCom App.
  4. Click on “Buy SMS”, then find the phone number in the history section and copy it.
  5. Start registration with app using your virtual phone number.
  6. Go back to SMS-Man and click ” Receive SMS” to view your confirmation code.
  7. Enter the code to complete your registration.

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