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How to create WebMoney account without a phone number

WebMoney account

Every day there are fewer and fewer people who use cash. It is more convenient to utilize bank cards. But what is even more convenient is payment systems that operate online. Millions of people have a WebMoney account and don’t regret it. It allows them to make payments through the internet right on their smartphones. The only thing that confuses a lot of people when they are signing up for such systems is mandatory identity verification which includes verification of the mobile phone number. WebMoney is no exception at this point. So, here is how to create an account on this platform without a phone number.

WebMoney logo

What is WebMoney?

WebMoney is one of the world’s first payment systemst that works online. It was founded in 1998., the same year as PayPal. However, despite PayPal which has roots in the US, WebMoney originally comes from Russia. Currently, it is one of the largest and most popular processors of electronic payments in Russia with a lot of users in other countries. As of 2020, the platform had more than 45 million people registered WebMoney account and 300 thousand users active each week. In addition, paying through this system was available on more than 100 thousand online shops and marketplaces.

The platform can be easily accessed via the website. But to take advantage of its features, users have to install and use a special application such as WebMoney Keeper. It is available for mobile phones, laptops, and personal computers based on nearly every operating system including Windows Phone and Blackberry.

It also has its own currencies which are bound to real currencies though. For example, instead of USD, there is WMZ and 1 WMZ is equivalent to 1 USD. The same situation with other currencies. Because of this, a lot of people question whether is WebMoney safe or not. There is nothing to worry about. The real funds of users are stored in a purse. This purse holds electronic money that correlates to underlying assets owned by a global network of guarantors. Deposits in the underlying assets in exchange for WebMoney units are accepted by guarantors.

WebMoney app

Is it a good idea to buy verified WebMoney account?

Some people, once they find out that they are unable to utilize a mobile phone number to register, decide to buy the registered account from someone else. This is definitely a quick and effective solution. However, it is not safe at all. You never know in which way the purchased account was used before. Moreover, every seller can return it at any moment if there is a wish to do so. Thus, getting such an account is getting an additional reason to be nervous. It is much better to create your own account without a phone number.

How to register a WebMoney account without a phone number?

Having no opportunity to use a personal number for registration is no longer a problem. Nowadays it is possible to sign up for any online service with the assistance of temporary phone numbers. Even if it is an online payment system such as WebMoney. Performing this action is also simple. You can just follow our instructions below to create a WebMoney account without a phone number:

1. Open the sms-man.com platform and register a new profile.

Signing up for SMS-Man

2. Verify the registered profile with the link received to your email address.

Email address verification on SMS Man

3. Find a suitable payment option on the recharge page and use it to replenish the balance of the account.

Recharging balance on SMS-Man

4. Choose the country of issue for the temporary phone number on the start page.

Choosing country of the cellular carrier

5. On the same page use the search feature to find WebMoney.

Choosing a temporary phone number for WebMoney

6. Make a purchase of a number.

Buying a virtual phone number for WebMoney

7. Use the received number when going through registration on the payment system.

Temporary phone number for WebMoney

8. Get a confirmation code on our website.

9. Create an account with the received code.

From the above, it is easy to see that registering a WebMoney account without a phone number is simple and doesn’t take much time. You can do this from any country in the world. Temporary phone numbers are available for use at any time of the day and thus can be used regardless of user location or any other factor. Such numbers are a really great solution in this and similar cases.

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