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How to Create Vercel Account without a Phone Number?

Create Vercel Account without a Phone Number

Developers often face the question: where can I build and deploy an application? If you don’t have your own server for this, you can use ready-made cloud solutions. For example, Vercel.

What is Vercel? What useful tools does the service offer to developers? And is it possible to register on the platform without submitting a mobile number? Let’s find out in the article.

What is Vercel?

What is Vercel?

Speaking of the Vercel functions, it enables developers to build, deploy, and locate their web applications and websites on a free hosting without having to set up an operating system and build an environment. Moreover, it also helps easily scale your products. Among the frameworks, the platform supports various options, including Next.js, React, Nuxt, and others.

In addition to other features, Vercel account holders have access to advanced cloud storage possibilities with Vercel Blob and a serverless SQL database Vercel Postgres. In Vercel Blob, you can store from huge videos and audio files to files that are programmatically loaded or generated at build time, such as screenshots, image blocks, videos, etc. Vercel Postgres allows you to feed data from a Postgres database to display dynamic content on the server at the speed of static content.

To make you better understand how the platform works, let’s look at the example. When a team create Vercel account, it really simplifies collaboration between developers and QA engineers. Thus, developers host a static website that is instantly deployed on the platform, and QA can test it in the same environment. And given that, QA can test each developer’s branch separately when it’s done, without the need to wait until the entire project is merged. So, Vercel significantly facilitates workflows for working teams.

Well, what else does the service offer to its users? Let’s look at the Vercel’s benefits compared to other platforms with similar functionality.

Develop Preview Ship For the best frontend teams Vercel

What is Vercel in Terms of Benefits?

Here are just a few of them that users highlight:

  • Ease of use. Really clear, simple, and intuitive interface
  • Quick deployment. It only takes one simple command or integration with a version control system such as Git.
  • Deployment preview. It allows you to create temporary preview versions of your website for each branch, which makes it easier to test and debug changes before implementing them into production.
  • Global distributed content delivery network. It serves content to data centers that are near your users for optimal speeds
  • Free hosting. It’s one of the prominent Vercel functions that’s suitable for small projects though it has traffic and resource limitations.
  • Scaling options. It automatically scales the application according to the load, ensuring stable and fast operation of the website even with a sharp increase in traffic. You won’t have to prepare your infrastructure for growth yourself.
  • Integration with external services. For example, you can link this with analytics systems, databases, payment systems, etc.

Vercel Phone Number Verification

Like in other online services today, it’s necessary to authenticate when registering a Vercel account. There are two ways to do this: with Git or by using an email. If email authentication is preferable to you, you may need to confirm not only an email address, but also a phone number.

But if you don’t have a mobile number on hand or want to hide it from the platform, you can receive a one-time password for your Vercel account to a temporary virtual phone number.

Virtual numbers not only allow you to anonymously register accounts in online services, but also gain access to platforms that are blocked in your country or ask to provide only local numbers.

It’s much more convenient than buying a second SIM card because it doesn’t take you to provide documents and visit an office. Moreover, within one platform you get access to more than 190 national codes.

How to Create Vercel Account without a Phone Number?

Temporary virtual numbers are a cloud-based service that allows you to purchase a number and receive an OTP for Vercel phone number verification in a matter of minutes. Compared to cellular numbers, virtual numbers work through a devoted platform like SMS-Man.

virtual phone number from sms man

To get a confirmation code through SMS-man, follow the on-screen instructions:

  1. Sign up for You can do this either with an email or via social media.
  2. Top up your account balance at the “Top up my balance” tab. A bank transfer, WeChat, Alipay, cryptocurrency and other methods are available.
  3. Open ‘Receive SMS’ in the left menu, choose the required country and ‘Vercel’ among services. Click “Buy”.
  4. Find the number in “History” below the choosing options. Copy and submit it to a Vercel account.
  5. Then, get back to your SMS-man account and click “Receive SMS”.
  6. Reveal a code and use it to start deploying your first app.

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