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How to Create Ticketmaster Account without a Phone Number?

Create Ticketmaster Account without a Phone Number

Been wondering how to buy tickets online to the next concert of Muse, Ariana Grande or Metallica? Sure, you can do it via their official websites, but with Ticketmaster it is even more convenient.

However, registering for the service requires you entering a Ticketmaster verification code. Can you handle it without disclosing your private phone number if you do not want to reveal your identity? Let’s explore this question and delve deeper into the platform’s opportunities.


What is Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster is a leading US-based global ticketing marketplace that allows customers to buy and sell tickets to a wide range of concerts, professional sports events, operas, etc. The service is owned by Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc., founded in 1976. The platform’s functionality is available through both the web and mobile apps.

The platform works in partnership with event organizers — performers, concert platforms, event promoters, and more — that arrange an event, set prices for tickets themselves and partly send them to the marketplace. Ticketmaster then adds a fee and resells them in digital and physical ways.

Features & Benefits of Ticketmaster

First and foremost, you can use this platform to purchase tickets to events with the best seats in terms of price & quality ratio.

Also note that, with the mobile app, you can buy tickets a couple of minutes faster than through the web version since the first option requires no additional authorization. This may be crucial when you are targeting high-demand events.

For greater comfort, Ticketmaster also provides interactive 3D-venue maps, so you can check seats before you buy them.

Ticketmaster App

In addition, by using the apps you will be able to:

Get access to exclusive pre-sales — on the service, Ticketmaster account owners can purchase tickets to some events before they go on sale to the general public. If a person “favored” the event, the platform will send them a notification when pre-sales go live.
Place tickets on the marketplace and resell them to other fans. Let’s say, if you can’t go to the event, or it was rescheduled to an inconvenient date, you can resell your seats to other people. Thus, you both will not lose your money and give others the opportunity to enjoy the evening. The sale price and payment method remain up to you.
Transfer tickets via the platform. If a Ticketmaster account holder is going to an event with a company of friends or family members, they can send them a link to tickets in text or email. The sale price and payment method remain up to a reseller.
Discover new events & receive personalized recommendations based on your favorite performers, venues, and searching history. It helps users not to miss out on important events in the everyday bustle.

Well, these prominent features of the service go hand in hand with its advantages. What are they? Let’s see.

What is Ticketmaster in terms of Benefits?

The first good point about the platform seems that it allows both digital and physical ticket purchase and delivery. In addition to traditional print-at-home, mail, and pickup options, you can also use your smartphone as a ticket. And this functionality is relevant for about 60% of event venues partnered with Ticketmaster, since they are mobile-entry. Also, to make digital tickets even more accessible for customers, Ticketmaster allows users to upload seats to Apple Wallet.

Another significant advantage is that Ticketmaster protects tickets from fraud and counterfeiting — and sells only real seats. The marketplace verifies each ticket regardless if they are standard or resale. Since the platform protects every e-ticket with a unique barcode that refreshes every few seconds, Ticketmaster account holders do not have to worry that the ticket will be re-bought by scalpers or just other visitors.

Moreover, you can be confident that you will get the seat that you paid for. In case the event organizers postpone, reschedule or even reorganize the event, Ticketmaster ensures to send you a refund.

And finally, you always know if you purchase standard or resale tickets, since the platform does its best to make all the in-app operations crystal clear and transparent for customers.

Phone Number for Ticketmaster Verification

Selling and distributing event tickets is a competitive industry. And in addition to official ticket brokers, the marketplace also competes with many scalpers and scammers who create bot accounts, buy tickets en masse, and then resell them at exorbitant prices.

To prevent massive registration of fake accounts, hacking current active user accounts and stealing already bought tickets or any other malicious activity, the platform implemented the Ticketmaster phone verification to validate each new registered user’s identity. You can activate this additional security measure either with a mobile number or landline number.

After the password, Ticketmaster also requires users to submit a one-time code, which they received in SMS or in an incoming call to the number. It is a usual practice, though some users value their online anonymity and prefer not to expose their identity when registering for web services. If you are one of them, using a disposable virtual phone number will be a very helpful choice here.

This cost-effective and flexible service from SMS-man will enhance your anonymity while protecting your account from unauthorized use.

Okay, this sounds interesting. How can I trust you, and how to get a number? Let’s check it further.

How to Create Ticketmaster Account without a Phone Number?

While being able to receive SMS codes the same as regular cellular numbers, virtual numbers are less demanding. They are based on cloud technology, so you do not need dedicated hardware or SIM cards to get the code. Moreover, since virtual numbers are geo-independent, you can virtually register from 190+ countries with no trace in the Internet space. Finally, the purchase of a virtual phone number for Ticketmaster or other platforms requires no documentation at all.

With SMS-man, you can rent a virtual phone for single registration for <$1 or multiple usage in various services for up to 90 days. These numbers can also be a great fit if you need to:

  • Set up multiple accounts in the same app with unique phone numbers.
  • Sign up for the platform or app that restrict users due to geolocation.
  • Unban your current account if your phone number is already in use.
  • And many more.

But, how to get a virtual phone number? Let’s found out.

virtual phone number from sms man

To purchase a disposable phone number for Ticketmaster verification the steps are as follows:

  1. Register at — both through the link to your email or Google+ account.
  2. Replenish your balance with your VISA card, the Chinese Alipay, the Payeer, or any convenient method.
  3. To obtain a number for single usage, at the “Receive SMS” tab, choose the country (US) and Ticketmaster among services. Click “Buy SMS”.
  4. Find the purchased phone in “History” below, copy and submit it to the ticket marketplace.
  5. To order a code, go back to your SMS-man private account and click “Receive SMS” near the number.
  6. Wait until the code arrives and apply it to finalize the Ticketmaster phone verification.

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