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How to Create SnapDeal Online Account without a Phone Number?

Create SnapDeal Online Account without a Phone Number

When it comes to the most secure and trustworthy online e-com platforms in India that provides customers with an opportunity to buy various items including fashion clothing, electronics (mobiles & tablets included), goods for home and kitchen, etc., it is wise to choose SnapDeal over other options in the market.

In this article, let’s delve deeper to find an answer to what is SnapDeal in terms of features. Moreover, is it obligatory to disclose a mobile number when registering to it?

What is SnapDeal?

To many sources, the SnapDeal app is considered among the most respected and widely used Indian marketplaces that allows consumers to purchase the mass market goods.

Initially launching SnapDeal as a daily deals service, the eponymous New Delhi-based company made a decision to transform the platform into a full-fledged marketplace. To date, it has become one of the biggest throughout India where companies and entrepreneurs offer their goods to the platform’s customers.

Over the years, the customer base has expanded to the citizens of over 3,700 towns in India. They regularly shop with the ShanDeal app to buy anything from sportswear to watches and other electronics.

Snapdeal Logo

SnapDeal Online Shopping: Types of Goods Exhibited

The list of the most demanded categories that the SnapDeal online shopping app offers to customers includes the following:

  • Clothing and footwear for men, women, and children with the ethnic and national items such as Saree, Kurta, etc.
  • Goods for beauty and personal care.
  • Home & kitchen.
  • Various accessories, including bags, handbags, scarves, etc.
  • Sportswear and suits.
  • Various electronics, including mobiles and tablets, watches, TV, etc.
  • Spare parts for automobiles.
  • And much more.

What is SnapDeal in Terms of the Best Features?

Speaking of the most important functions that the platform offers to its customers, here are a few worth mentioning points before registering on the SnapDeal app:

  • Really profitable discounts and everyday sales. The latter is called ‘Flash Sales’. This is a special offering for the customers so that they could make quick purchases with great benefits.
  • The delivery on the app is absolutely free. Moreover, it does not imply any hidden commissions or the minimum amount of items required.
  • Various payment options available, including a credit or debit card, EMI, Net Banking, UPI, as well as cash on delivery after getting an order.
  • Paying is secure and trustworthy. The SnapDeal app offers a completely secure payment with 100% guarantee of protection through the Trustpay system.
  • Order tracking. You can track your order from any point of the world and any time right after purchasing an item until it is shipped to your location.
  • Refunds are easy. If you discover that a purchased item has defects, you can easily send it back in 7 days after receiving it. For a seller to get  accept the goods back, please note that it is necessary to keep the package intact.

The SnapDeal online shopping app is available in 8 different Indian dialects including Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Bangla, Tamil and more. Now it has become even more convenient for Indian residents from different regions to use the marketplace. Now, when we have learned about some of the most prominent platform’s functionality, let’s continue. How safe it is regarding the customers’ reviews? Let’s find out. 

Snapdeal app

Is SnapDeal App Safe?

Speaking of the marketplace’s trustworthiness, the SnapDeal account holders leave two kinds of reviews that are completely opposite. 

According to various reviews of the SnapDeal account holders, they are divided into two groups. The first one considers the app one of the safest and trustworthy resources to place orders and purchase anything from clothing to high-cost electronics. The second one, on the contrary, insists that the service is a complete fraud. The latter ones argue that many sellers send a cheaper product instead of the one that they ordered and paid for. Moreover, the platform does not always issue refunds, even if violations on the part of the seller are obvious.

Some SnapDeal online account holders even share stories that they returned the defective or cheaper product back to the seller to get a refund. But in the end they got a refusal to issue a refund, as well as sending the product back. And in the end, the buyer remained without the goods, having paid the full price for it.

Moreover, since today hacking customer accounts and stealing money from there right while making payments are one of the key fraudsters strategies, as said before, the SnapDeal online shopping app uses Trustpay to ensure customers’ transactions to keep safe. TrustPay is an EU licensed and regulated payment system that does not demand disclosing any personal data. You only pay via your account from the list of the TrustPay supported banks.

Though, to set up an account in the SnapDeal online shopping platform, it is still necessary to open up some of your personal data, including email address or a phone number to choose from. Otherwise, you can join the marketplace using your Gmail. If you prefer registering with a phone number, please note that you are can apply a temporary virtual number to receive an OTP.

How to Create SnapDeal Online Account without a Phone Number?

If you need to ensure better privacy of your personal data, virtual phone numbers are worth buying. They expire in 20 minutes after you apply a code. This way, they are a perfect temporary alternative to traditional SIM cards.

These virtual phone numbers are one of the most optimal solutions to gain a higher level of anonymity within the service and on the web. To purchase such a mobile number for a SnapDeal online account registration, you neither need to provide any official documents nor leave home since you can do everything online in a matter of 7–10 minutes.

Moreover, this tool from the SMS-Man provider will help you gain the services that are not available in your country. Or the ones that ask for local phone numbers only.

virtual phone number

To receive an OTP with a virtual phone number for a SnapDeal account, just do as follows:

  1. Set up a private account on through email or join via social media.
  2. Refund your account with the appropriate sum of money using one of available methods. They are a VISA bank transfer, payment systems, crypto, and more.
  3. Open “Receive SMS” and select the service (SnapDeal). After that, choose the required country (India).
  4. To get the number, scroll to the ‘History’ section and copy it. Apply to the SnapDeal online shopping service.
  5. After that, go back to your SMS-man cabinet and request a code by clicking “Get SMS”.
  6. Utilize it to finish registration.

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