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How to Create POF Account without a Phone Number

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Dating in the modern world rarely begins with meeting a person in real life. Nowadays there are many online services allowing us to get in touch with people who would like to find friends or build a relationship. Those are Tinder, Badoo, POF, and others. This is not bad and not good. It is just what it is. But sometimes using them becomes difficult as they all require users to provide and confirm their mobile phone number when creating a profile. Doing this might be not possible in various cases. So, in this article, we will explain how to create POF account without a phone number.

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How to bypass POF phone verification?

Confirming a phone number by receiving and entering OTP is mandatory when signing up for POF. It is made to prevent the platform from getting flooded by fake profiles. Sometimes they are used for fraudulent goals and it is definitely not good for other users. However, this feature also brings difficulties to regular people. For example, if for some reason a personal number is unavailable, registering on this service becomes impossible. There also could be many other reasons. To deal with this issue it is enough to use a temporary number for POF phone number verification.

Such numbers are provided by special platforms on the internet. Those could be websites as well as apps. But regardless of the form, both of them are a good choice if it is necessary to sign up for POF using no your own phone number. It takes literally a few minutes to get and use one for the appropriate purpose. In addition, temporary phone numbers are quite cheap. You can use them to register on POF just for $0.30. This is way cheaper than purchasing a new SIM card.

Create POF account with a temporary number

These days getting a temporary number is not a problem at all. This does also apply to POF. Everyone can obtain a number to sign up for this platform with the help of SMS-Man service for receiving OTP. There are available temporary phone numbers issued by cellular providers from numerous countries including the US which is the most popular choice in that case. So today, a request like “I need a phone number for POF” has a direct answer. You can get one in the following way:

1. Open the website and register your profile. There are multiple options to do this including even GitHub and Telegram.

Signing up for SMS-Man

2. Top up your balance in a convenient way from the relevant tab. You can choose between MasterCard/VISA, Coinbase, Payeer, QIWI, AdvCash, and some other methods.

Recharging balance on SMS-Man

3. Proceed to the section with countries. It is placed on the homepage. Select the country from which you would like to obtain a temporary number.

4. Scroll the page down to the list of available websites and apps. Use the search feature to find POF.

5. Make a purchase.

If there is at least one number from chosen country available in stock, you will get it right away. A temporary phone number for POF will automatically appear at top of the main page as well as in your history request.

Using it for signing up is simple as getting it. Just put your temporary phone number on the POF registration page through the official website or app for mobile phones and request a verification code. Exactly how it works with a real number. But instead of a mobile phone SMS will arrive to our platform. So just proceed to the platform once again and press “Get SMS”. There will pop up a code containing a few digits. Copy it and create your profile with it. There is nothing else to do after this.

Sign up for other dating apps without a phone number

You have learned how to create POF account without phone number. Was it difficult? We doubt it. But the best thing is that you can sign up for any dating app in the same way. SMS-Man supports all of them. You just need to get an appropriate phone number from the required country and then search for the necessary app like in the case of POF.

It is also possible to get and use long-term temporary numbers if there is a need to sign up for multiple apps. They can receive unlimited SMS from multiple online services during their rental period and thereby allow signing up for several different dating apps at once. Look for them on the “Rent” page. There are a dozen countries available so it is not difficult to find the needed one.

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