How to create Paysafecard account without phone number
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How to create Paysafecard account without phone number

How to create paysafecard

 What is paysafecard and what it can offer?

    • You pay in cash online.
    • In this way, there is no need in sharing personal and important data such as details of credit card or bank information.
    • You never pay more than planned at the beginning and always have an overview of your payments, because of the practical prepaid card.
    • In more than 650.000 sales outlets across the entire world prepaid paysafecard code can be bought very simply
    • Pay with paysafecard in thousands of online shops.


Why there is a need in Paysafecard account?

The paysafecard account is your personal online payment account which gives you the possibility of paying each transaction with username and password, instead of long codes. In contrast to physical cards, you also benefit with a paysafecard account from limits higher than 50 EUR per payment.

Simple guide how to create Paysafecard account without mobile number

If you don’t want to use your own mobile phone number to pass Paysafecard sign up, then we can recommend you to use virtual phone number. It is available from anywhere in the world without the need to have a SIM card or even a mobile phone. Just simply follow this steps and get a Paysafecard account with virtual phone number.

  1. Go to website and register a profile.SMS-MAN registration
  2. Replenish your balance by choosing  payment method you want from according tab.
  3. Find the list with countries on the main page of service and choose the country dialing code.
  4. Search for “Paysafecard” in services.             
  5. Click the “Buy” button.
  6. On the Paysafecard sign up form enter the received virtual phone number  and request a verification code.phonepaysafe
  7. Switch back to SMS-Man and click the “Get SMS” button to reveal a verification code.

After that fill the other points and submit form. Well done! You have just created Paysafe account. You can use it without worrying that your phone number will be spammed and you can repeat this operation with other virtual numbers to get multiple accounts.

Our Telegram channel

Did not find suitable payment method presented on SMS-Man? There is a solution for it and it is very simple. For instance, you can use our special Telegram channel to get a fake virtual phone number for free.

There we on a daily note provide up to six virtual phone numbers from different countries that subscribers can use for signing up on various websites and apps without exceptions. So there are no difficulties with using them in order to create Paysafecard account.




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