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How to Create Norton Account without a Phone Number?

Create Norton Account without a Phone Number

Norton is a popular security software for PC, Mac and mobile devices. It is popular for providing its advanced update that detects and destroys viruses, spyware and malware. To create a Norton account, you need a phone number for verification. This step enhances security by allowing for stronger user verification and easier account recovery.

Norton is at the forefront of combating emerging threats by providing top-notch protection for your devices. This service is what this piece will talk about. Then we will share useful information about its features and important requirements for Norton registration!

Norton Antivirus

Why Registering a Norton Account?

A key feature of the Norton suite is its two-way firewall, which keeps a watch on both inbound and outbound internet traffic. This tool blocks unauthorized attempts to access your device, keeping hackers at bay and your personal information secure.

Its cloud storage automatically keeps crucial files and documents, providing Norton account users with a backup plan against data loss from hardware issues, theft, or ransomware. If your data is ever stolen or lost, you’ll still be able to access these files.

For families, the platform offers parental controls. They empower parents to monitor their kids’ online footprints, block access to dodgy content, and regulate screen time, all in the name of fostering a safer internet experience.

So, what is Norton like when it comes to online shopping or banking? It steps up with a secure VPN. This service encrypts your online activity, hides your IP address with hundreds of international location options, and ensures your details are kept intact — even on public Wi-Fi. 

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to access and manage its suite of features, including hassle-free updates and scans. With your Norton account — secured by your mobile number — you’re in full control, ensuring your digital world remains safe and sound.

Norton App

Phone Number For Norton Registration

Norton’s offerings are well-known for safeguarding your online presence, and you might need an phone number for Norton sign-up to enhance your safety. This is crucial for preventing unauthorized access, as it can be used for verification and essential two-factor authentication

For those wary of sharing their numbers due to fears of data breaches or unwanted marketing calls, these apprehensions are understandable in today’s climate of diminishing data privacy. The risk of personal information being mishandled by third parties is a real concern.

If you are looking for an alternative, using a virtual number can be an effective workaround for this requirement of the Norton account registration. SMS-Man offers temporary numbers that can be used for this purpose, thus keeping your actual number private. 

This approach separates sensitive information from online services. It’s an innovative step towards enhanced digital security, one that you will explore further in the guide to the purchase and usage of a one-time phone number for Norton signup.

Purchase a Temporary Number to Activate Norton Profile

Virtual numbers work independently from your mobile device, SIM card, and geographical location, allowing you to receive text messages online. You can use them to avoid unwanted contacts, thus creating an additional barrier between your real and digital life. 

SMS-Man provides disposable phone numbers that are ideal for registering with websites or applications that require SMS verification. Thus, you can get a completely anonymous phone number to activate your Norton account without a SIM card.

With coverage in over 200 countries and compatibility with a wide range of apps and services, SMS-Man ensures you can access what you need, wherever you are. These one-time virtual numbers work with thousands of platforms worldwide, giving you unparalleled convenience and safety. So, If you’re looking to confirm your Norton verification code through a one-time number, SMS-Man makes it easy.

virtual phone number from sms man

So, here’s a guide to make the registration process smooth and secure:

  1. Register and log in on
  2. Refill your balance via the “Top up my balance” option.
  3. Find and click on Buy SMS, then select your country and Norton service.
  4. Tap “Buy” against the icon of the desired service to add it.
  5. Scroll down the page to the “History” section and copy your new phone number.
  6. Enter it when prompted during the account registration process.
  7. Then go back to SMS-Man and request a code by clicking the “Get SMS” button.
  8. Activate the Norton verification code to complete the registration.

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