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How to Create Google Ads Accounts without a Phone Number?

Create Google Ads Accounts without a Phone Number

What is Google Ads for? Google Ads, an online advertising tool, allows for placing ads throughout its services, supporting a variety of engaging formats. It lets you reach billions of users, who search for things on the web, with your ad messages.

Due to its unique payment model called Pay-Per-Click, the platform charges you only when someone clicks on your ad. You need a mobile number for signup. This guide from SMS-Man will explain the way to walk around this requirement or even set up several Google Ads accounts.

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What is Google Ads Like?

Google Ads embraces a multitude of ad styles, including textual content, imagery, videos, and shopping blocks. Text-based ads feature mainly in search results page’s headlines; videos appear on YouTube, shopping blocks show up mainly on SERPs, augmenting visibility; while display banners appear on websites.

What is Google Ads like, beyond that? Keyword targeting stands as its main asset, engaging shoppers who actively seek your offerings, with the added capability to schedule ad displays strategically. Tailoring your Google Ads to avoid non-pertinent search inquiries ensures budget efficiency, directing funds toward likely interested parties.

Remarketing is another pivotal function of the Google Ads accounts, enabling re-engagement with visitors who’ve shown previous interest in your site, potentially swaying their future purchasing decisions. Utilize analytical instruments within Google Ads for comprehensive performance insights, monitoring vital statistics to refine your advertising approach.

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How to Create a Google Ads Account?

Commence by signing into Google Ads with your Google credentials. Identify your main advertising intent, whether it’s to bolster website traffic, amplify phone inquiries, or increase physical store visits. That’s how to create a Google Ads account, at the first stage. Here is how to finalize the setup.

It needs key business information like your company’s title, web domain, and mobile number details to hone your ads. Specify the desired ad location and allocate your advertising budget, utilizing Google Ads’ cost-per-interaction framework to decide daily spending. With your budget set, you’re prepared to design your opening ad.

Phone Number for Google AdWords

The need to share a phone number for Google Ads serves multiple purposes, chiefly increasing safety measures and campaign efficacy. It verifies the advertiser’s identity, guarding against fraud and unauthorized entry, thus preserving the platform’s credibility.

It also ensures superior customer support, with a direct contact line for swift resolution of issues. Including your phone data also enhances certain ad functionalities, such as call extensions, enriching the customer experience and potentially boosting conversion rates by facilitating direct contact.

So, if you’re wary about giving out your data, think about a few workarounds. You can buy Google Ads accounts. Just be certain to buy from a trusted seller. Virtual numbers can do the trick, too. You can even use it to create multiple accounts! If you need such a number for signup, consider getting one from SMS-Man.

How to use Google Ads without a Phone Number?

Using one-time virtual numbers from SMS-Man, you can get SMS confirmation messages without sharing your actual number, adding an extra layer of privacy. This technique keeps your identity hidden while safeguarding you from potential spam and still fulfilling the verification needs of Google Ads.

SMS-Man has a global presence, supporting over 190 countries and providing access to more than 2,000 services. If you’re aiming to verify accounts on social media sites, messaging apps, or wonder how to create a Google Ads account without an actual number, SMS-Man offers a versatile solution.

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Check out this guide to learn the details of the purchase and usage of these phone numbers:

  1. Register on using your social media.
  2. Replenish your balance via the ‘top up’ option above.
  3. Select the nation and application, then press ‘Buy SMS’.
  4. Then, spot the number in your profile.
  5. Copy the phone number for Google Ads, and add it later.
  6. During the confirmation process, get back to SMS-Man and pick ‘Get SMS’.
  7. Finalize the registration.

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