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How to Create GameKit Account without a Phone Number?

How to Create GameKit Account without a Phone Number?

What is GameKit? It’s a free video game-centric website that offers you to go through specialized activities for rewards. The rewards are commonly website points that can be exchanged for game keys, add-ons, discount coupons, skins, or special currencies within some games. 

The website collaborates with a line of video game distributors and developers to provide relevant quests and products. Their keys, coupons, and skins come from official sources, so GameKit is legitimate. The site invited 21M users to register, mostly from Europe and both Americas. So, what is Gamekit in terms of nuances? 


Why does GameKit Account Worth It?

The website provides a large collection of tasks that you complete in the games like Battlefield, Overwatch, War Thunder, Counter-Strike: GO, World of Tanks, etc. No fees are required to use the website, you only need to play games and have fun.

Rewards and tasks vary from activity to activity. For some, you need to create and verify an account, then return to this platform to receive a GameKit code. Others require passing a certain level or finishing an in-game objective. The quests may be single or repeatable, and the reward amount varies as well. 

The website’s partners list includes Mcdonald’s, Wargaming, Square Enix, Razer, Gajin, and other companies. The keys, skins, and coupons can be valid for Steam, Playstation Network, EGS, or particular games. For more information, check out their official website and blog.

So, what is GameKit apart from the tasks? They let you pass quizzes and receive small point amounts – not as beneficial as the game tasks, but provide an opportunity to take a break. Additionally, you can invite friends to register on the platform via the referral program. For every friend, you’ll receive 15K points.

gamekit prizes

So, there’s reason enough to complete the GameKit registration process – the features are tempting and rewarding. Moreover, the waiting time to receive points for both the surveys and tasks can be up to 72 hours; if you did not receive the reward on time, contact the developers.

Alongside the official website, blog, and support service, GameKit runs official Instagram and Facebook pages plus a YouTube Channel. By posting service updates, news, and new collaborations, developers of GameKit join the community of gamers, stay in touch with their audience, and increase their online presence. 

GameKit Registration Explained

The registration process follows the common practices for such services. You need to enter your email address and set up a password. Afterward, you can use your GameKit account. Additionally, they ask you to verify your account with a phone number.

Phone verification can help improve your security and privacy. It’s also a way to restore an account and send the necessary notifications about your purchases, completed tasks, etc. Finally, it’s a way to find and ban scammers, even if it’s ineffective, with numerous methods of bypassing this measure.

During the GameKit registration process, it wouldn’t be unwise to replace this private information with hollow, spare details obtained online, including both a number and email address. There’s a good chance GetKit might mishandle the information otherwise, you can never know.

SMS-man can offer alternative options. That includes auto-generated numbers that you submit in place of your main ones. They’re perfect for signups, given that they don’t require any specific information or documentation and are completely untraceable. The service won’t punish you if you create a GameKit account using one of these.

gamekit registration

How to Pass GameKit Registration Using a Virtual Number

SMS-man offers this product in two versions: to lease or buy. The first one means that you buy a subscription for a number, which you can use to register for multiple services. They’re active for no longer than four months. The second option is a single message that can accept an SMS verification message code needed for registration.

So, which is better? It depends on your purposes. Signing up for multiple services simultaneously requires a limitless supply of messages that a rented number can provide. The second option is enough to register any account, including the GameKit registration procedure.

virtual phone number for gamekit

Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to register in GameKit using a virtual number:

  1. Go to, Internet’s foremost virtual number seller.
  2. Register or enter using Google+.
  3. Deposit money via the ‘top up’ feature.
  4. Pick the service and country to buy a virtual SMS.
  5. Find the purchased number in your profile, copy it.
  6. Use the number during registration.
  7. At the verification stage, return to SMS-man and press ‘receive SMS’ near your number.
  8. Use the received code to complete the process.

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