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How to Create FamPay Account without a Phone Number?

Create FamPay Account without a Phone Number

Digital payments are gaining popularity in India, especially when it comes to younger generations. Here is why FamPay decided to develop a banking payment app for UPI and P2P payments, aimed at Indian teenagers.

What is FamPay? FamPay or FamApp, as it’s called now, enables teenagers to pay bills, split expenses, and track spendings, even if they don’t have a bank account. All transactions are stored at secure servers. That’s why users don’t have to worry about the security of their money.

However, there is one nuance. You can pass FamPay account verification only if you have an Indian phone number. Let’s find out what to do if there is no Indian phone number on hand, as well as covering the app’s key functionality.

What is FamPay

What is FamPay?

The app was issued by the eponymous company in 2019 by Indian entrepreneurs and is available only on mobiles. Thanks to the initially successful idea, the founders managed to attract prominent investors in India with $5 billion capital that helped further development of the app.

So, what is FamPay? This mobile payment app is made to help Indian teenagers from 13 to 19 years old to better manage their finances, send and receive money, and make digital payments in a comfortable way. They can make UPI and P2P payments even if they don’t have a bank account. The app is convenient to pay bills, split expenses with friends in a bar or cafe, as well as making online and in-store purchases in favorite stores.

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FamCard & Rewards

To pay for a purchase, young people can scan UPI QR codes or use the app’s prepaid card FamCard. Since it’s prepaid, first you need to add money to it. For online payments, you can use a virtual card, but for conducting offline payments, first it’s necessary to issue a physical card. The card also allows users to withdraw money from ATMs, but note that you’ll need to pay a fee.

The nice thing about the payment process is that, with a FamPay account, you can also earn money. For each purchase, you get cashback and FamCoins which is the in-app currency. Moreover, you can earn coins by playing in-app games and using investment options. Later, you can spend rewards to get beneficial promotions and discounts.

Another peculiar feature of the app is that, after completing the FamPay download and installing it to a smartphone, teenagers can make and receive really fast transfers from family and friends. It’s especially a useful option for students who have been studying far away from their hometown, since parents can top up a child’s account via their bank cards.


What is more, the app has a special in-app service called FamPool, that serves as a kind of sub-wallet for all family members. To start using it, an adult out of family members needs to create a FamPool account. After that, he or she as an owner adds other members, including up to 2 minors, and replenishes balance. All the added people can use this money for transactions and spending. Moreover, the owner can issue two supplementary cards for other family members.

The best thing about this shared family account is that, using it, parents can monitor and control children’s expenses as well as setting up spending limits.

Besides, the app encourages Indian teenagers to better manage their money and become more financially educated. Thus, FamPay account holders can keep track of their finances by creating budgets and setting up spending limits.

FamPay is in partnership with IDFC First Bank, that’s why when you register an account in the app, you also open an account in the bank.

What is FamPay in Terms of Security?

The company is very serious about ensuring the security of transactions that users carry out within the app. In addition to storing all the transaction data on secure servers that are locked from third parties, the app also protects every transaction by blocking a device, so you don’t need to worry that your money can be hacked. To unblock it, you need to scan a fingerprint, verify face ID, enter a graphic key or a PIN code.

Moreover, you can always block, pause or change the card’s PIN code at any moment.

Why Do You Need a Phone Number for FamPay?

Proving a mobile number is a necessary requirement for registration in the app. First, you need to enter a phone number (Indian) into the sign-up form, receive FamPay code and verify your account. Moreover, you’ll also need a phone number to link to your UPI, since each transaction needs to be confirmed with an OTP that is sent in a text message.

If you don’t have an Indian cell phone number on hand or you want to hide your personal number from being given to third parties for marketing advertisements, take a look at temporary virtual phone numbers. They are a very convenient option for enhancing your security and anonymity on the web. That’s why they are suitable for receiving a FamPay code.

At a very affordable price, you can buy a disposable virtual number or rent it for a longer period of up to 3 months — through The platform supports national codes for over 190 countries and over 1000 global and local platforms and apps.

Buying a virtual number doesn’t require using a SIM card, providing documents and leaving home. Everything it takes is to enter your e-mail, pay for a number and wait for a verification code to come.

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How to Create FamPay Account without a Phone Number?

  1. Register an account at with an email address or log in with your Gmail.
  2. Add money to the account balance. For that, click “Top Up” and choose the convenient payment method, including VISA, AliPay, Payeer, AdvCash, crypto, and more.
  3. To get a phone number for FamPay sign up, open “Receive SMS” at the left. Next, select “India” as the country of a mobile operator and find “FamPay” among supported services.
  4. Click the purchase button.
  5. Find the purchased number in the “History” section below, copy it and enter when signing up for FamPay.
  6. Request a code from the payment platform, get back to SMS-man, and click “Receive SMS” near the number.
  7. Enter the FamPay code to verify the account.

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