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How to Create Dosh Account without a Phone Number?

Create Dosh Account without a Phone Number

The Dosh App is a US-made cashback service, saving money at 10K+ stores, hotels, restaurants & online apps. You can gain control over your finances without sacrificing convenience. The money you save can be transferred to an external wallet.

Joining is free but requires an American number among additional details. SMS-Man offers a workaround for those without access or desire to share one, but this piece is going to explore this topic after taking a closer look at the Dosh app.

Dosh App

Dosh App Overview

On first launch, the app will ask for your card details to activate automatic cashback up to 20% depending on the partner service. Once you’re all set up, you can enjoy smart shopping at over 10,000 offline and online shops. Partners include Costco, Harry’s, InstaCart, Uber, DoorDash and more.

No promo codes, loyalty cards or QR codes are needed when shopping online through Dosh. Click “Shop” or “Open” on the Dosh app partner page and you’ll be taken to their app. After your purchase, the cashback will be credited to your balance.

The “Nearby” and “Local” sections include partner hotels, restaurants, and shops. They are highlighted on the map and search allows you to locate them. When you shop offline, the savings are directly credited to the bank account you’ve set up in your Dosh account.

To explore the offer, click on its button and go to the “More Information” section. Here you will be able to find important information including cashback rules, maximum amount of savings per day, nearest partner shops, etc.

The system tracks cashback for in-store purchases based on credit transactions, not direct bank transactions. So, make sure the card linked to your Dosh account is treated as a credit transaction – even when using a debit account. To do this, swipe the card and select the “credit” option. Otherwise, you may need help from customer service to receive cashback funds.

Considering its presence among the prominent American cashback platforms, this site is a must for money-saving shopping. SMS-Man wants you to know all the rocks and dosh when signing up for a Dosh profile and how to get around them.

Dosh App Overview

Dosh Account Registration — Everything You Need to Know

Registration looks simple enough and requires no effort. However, you will need to comply with some of the account requirements, such as:

  • Be 18+ years old and live in the United States.
  • Own an Internet-connected mobile device.
  • Have an SMS-capable phone number, powered on an American SIM card.
  • Possess a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit/debit card issued by a US bank.

The requirements for the Dosh app are explained by its operation within the US, meaning you’re expected to use it from there. If you feel wrong sharing your number, or if obtaining a local SIM card is problematic, you could benefit from exploring bypass options.

Consider using a virtual number based on VOIP technology. Although Dosh recommends against using them, tests have shown no sign of problems. Therefore, you can register Dosh profile smoothly using this number—and SMS-Man is ready to show how, and give a detailed guide on this product.

How to create a Dosh account without a phone number?

You don’t need a SIM card and you don’t need to provide personal data to get a virtual phone number. They work thanks to special equipment and software on the provider’s side, which allows you to pass SMS verification in various services online. Also, they are not tied to your real location, so you can get a US phone number or any other countries.

So, if you’ve been wondering, “How to create a Dosh without a phone number?” then virtual phone numbers are a great solution. They provide stable, secure and untraceable usage. So, all you need to use them is a reliable internet connection.

The main plus point of SMS-Man numbers is that they cost around $0.5 each and can be used to register with more than 1000 different web services. So what is Dosh registration with a virtual number? Let’s take a look.

virtual phone number from sms man

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Register at and log in.
  2. Top up your account on the payment page from the menu on the left.
  3. Then go back to select the country for your phone number.
  4. Now select the “Dosh” service and click the buy button next to it.
  5. Copy your virtual phone number from the “History” section.
  6. Enter it in the app and request SMS for registration.
  7. Go back to SMS-Man and click the ” Receive SMS” button.
  8. Complete your registration in the Dosh App.

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