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How to create Dent account without phone number

Dent account

No one would refuse to get internet data for free. This is one of the most popular reasons why people decide to create Dent account. By signing up on this platform users get 200MB of worldwide eSIM data without the need to pay for this even a single penny. Moreover, it gives an opportunity to earn some money by completing simple tasks. So this project is definitely worth attention. In this article, we explain how to sign up for it without a phone number.

Dent app

Wireless internet around the world in one app

Dent is a mobile application that offers using eSIM mobile data to connect to 4G/LTE wireless internet without the need to buy something from local mobile operators at all. Being on the market for several years, nowadays it offers plenty of solutions for many needs. With this app you can:

  • Get worldwide data packages that are valid for more than 60 countries;
  • Call real mobile or landline numbers internationally with Dent Voice; 
  • Avoid paying roaming fees during trips;
  • Get 10 free voice call minutes per 1 GB of eSIM data bought;
  • Help to make the environment clearer as there is no plastic, shipping and waste at all.

Dent app benefits

For sure, one more benefit is a free 200MB joiner bonus. Those are just the most significant benefits that this service brings to the table. It is a good choice overall for those who want to take an advantage of such a tool as eSIM.

How to get a virtual phone number to create Dent account?

The first step for those who want to create Dent account without a phone number is to complete a simple registration process at and replenish their balance with one from available payment options. It is literally the most difficult task in the entire process and there is not much left to do after this. Once it is completed, simply follow the instruction below step by step:

1. Proceed to the homepage of SMS-Man and choose international dialing code prefix for the virtual phone number from countries list.

SMS Man main page

2. Scroll the page down to the tab with applications and use search option to find receiving SMS from Dent feature.

Dent phone number

3. Purchase a virtual phone number.

buy phone number for Dent

That’s it. You have obtained a virtual phone that is set up to receive OTP from Dent. Everything that is left to do now is to activate this number and create an account with it.

How to create Dent account with virtual number?

Getting a virtual phone number means completing the most difficult part. So when it is obtained, creating Dent account is just a matter of a few minutes. Here is a short guide on how to do this:

1. Put it on chosen application sign up form and request a verification text message to it.

2. Click the «Get SMS» button that is placed next to the virtual number on our service.

3. Use received verification code to create Dent account without using your own phone number.

This is pretty much everything you have to do. Profile created with a virtual phone number is no different from the one created with a real phone number. So it is fully operable and allows accessing all features of the platform. Moreover, if for some reason there is a need to create Dent account one more time, it is alright. You can activate an unlimited amount of virtual phone numbers and thus register as many profiles as you need to achieve the goal!

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