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How to Create Bybit Account without a Phone Number?

Create Bybit Account without a Phone Number

What is ByBit? Founded in 2018, this service offers a cryptocurrency exchange with many features, including spot trading, derivatives, and perpetual contracts. This app is used by cryptocurrency traders worldwide owing to its security and user-friendliness.

ByBit also provides over 400 coins for spot trading, derivatives, futures contracts, and margin trading with up to 100x leverage. This article focuses on the possibilities of virtual phone numbers, allowing you to verify your Bybit account without a phone number. You will also receive a detailed description of the app’s functions.

What is ByBit

What is ByBit?

Bybit offers many a chance to trade. A primary advantage is its trading fees, which begin at 0.1% for spot trading and far less for futures contracts. It also provides sophisticated trading features that include charting platforms and other order types, needed in accurate trading. Such features make Bybit suitable for new as well as experienced traders in the market.

What is Bybit offering alongside its 400 cryptocurrency options, small fees, and various trading opportunities? It presents various earning options through its ‘Bybit Earn’ products. Users can earn interest on their assets by joining flexible or fixed-term savings plans.

It also has features for liquidity mining, stacking, and investing in two different crypto assets at the same time, to help customers amass more returns by providing liquidity and dual investments.

A Bybit account allows for fund depositing and withdrawal, the use of complex trading tools, and promotions and bonuses related to trading. You must pass a short KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure, which includes providing your ID documents and submitting a phone number to confirm your identity.

ByBit App

Can You Start Using ByBit Without a Phone Number?

The contact number confirms user identity, reducing fraudulent accounts and unauthorized access. This measure is crucial for maintaining secure and legitimate trading between users. It adds an extra layer of protection against malicious financial activities and ensures only real users can access the platform’s features.

What is Bybit also doing with this data? Its confirmation is crucial for recovery processes. If you forget login credentials or face access issues, a confirmed number allows Bybit to send reset codes and recovery links securely. This feature is essential for maintaining continuous access to trading activities, ensuring users can manage their accounts without unnecessary interruptions.

So, it’s impossible to use Bybit without phone number. Nevertheless, one-time numbers can help those worried about privacy. Services like SMS-Man offer numbers that can obtain verification codes, allowing registration without revealing personal phone numbers. This method maintains privacy while ensuring a smooth and secure registration process.

How to Register Bybit Account without a Phone Number?

By using a temporary option, you can avoid providing your real phone number for Bybit, minimizing the possibility of spam contacts and data breaches. These numbers are discarded after use, saving your anonymity and safeguarding your data. Due to this feature, their price at SMS-Man rarely exceeds $1 per one.

Additionally, one-time numbers offer convenience and flexibility, especially for users bypassing regional restrictions. These numbers can have different country codes, allowing Bybit verification regardless of location. Using a service like SMS-Man to get these numbers ensures smooth and secure verification, meeting its requirements while protecting your data.

For those wanting to use one-time numbers from SMS-Man, the following tutorial will walk you through acquiring and using such a phone number for ByBit profile confirmation. This approach helps you protect your anonymity while accessing all the functions and advantages it offers.

virtual phone number

So, how to use ByBit without a phone number? Let’s see:

  1. Register on using your email or social media.
  2. Replenish your balance via the ‘top up’ option above.
  3. Select your nation and application, then press ‘Buy SMS’.
  4. Spot the data in your profile.
  5. Copy it, and use while registering.
  6. During the confirmation, return to SMS-Man and pick ‘Get SMS’.
  7. Complee the SMS verification procedure.

Finish the registration, start using Bybit account without phone number.

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