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How to Create Bing Account without a Phone Number?

Create Bing Account without a Phone Number

What is Bing? Bing is the number two search engine among all the players in the industry, going next right to Google. It enables users to conduct searches in a few different ways, including web, image, voice (with Microsoft’s assistant Cortana), and even map searches. Microsoft launched the search engine in 2009 during rebranding of the older search engines MSN, Windows Live Search and Live Search. The main purpose of Bing is to help people make informed judgements.

Moreover, in 2023, Microsoft implemented the AI-bot with the GPT-3.5 language model into the Bing search engine that was later rebranded as ‘Copilot’. Then, for the first time, it gained never-seen-before 100 million daily active users from around the world.

This reading delves deeper into the question “What is Bing used for?”, as well as exploring what means the search engine uses to protect privacy of user data. At the end of the article, you will also find the instructions on how to avoid compromising your private phone number when registering to the service.

What is Bing

What is Bing Used for?

If you are looking for an answer to whether there is any point to create Bing profile when there is Google, Yahoo!, Baidu, and other search engines on the market, we will argue that this service from Microsoft has its unique peculiarities. In addition to its searching opportunities, Bing also provides a number of supporting services. With them, users can:

  • Utilize Microsoft 365 services such as Word, Excel, and others. Moreover, Bing has integration with the Edge browser.
  • Use the translator software.
  • Check special selections of travelling destinations with convenient functionality of tracking flights and hotels.
  • Easily check stock exchange scores.
  • Go to the MSN search engine in one click.
  • Play online games.
  • And more.

Moreover, the Bing account owners also have access to the convenient functionality of checking movie schedules and reviews, conduct localized search of restaurants and services, and look over current traffic. Plus, you can also use the in-built interactive maps which give you a bird-eye view of different parts of the planet. If you are looking for a way to make revenue with Bing, it provides an opportunity to join the Microsoft Rewards program. With that, you can earn rewards and redeem them for free gift cards, games, and more.

What is Bing Used for

What is Bing in Terms of Privacy of User Data?

First, does the service collect user data and if yes, how much? Compared to Google, which is the number not only in the line but also in terms of personalizing information displayed to its users through gathering huge amounts of personal data, Bing does not collect too much. According to its official page, it limits by gathering language and geotagging. Microsoft assures that this is how they help their users to make more informed judgements while searching information. Moreover, before you create Bing account, please note the company openly states that it utilizes the data for marketing purposes and notifies users of changes in the functionality of the software. 

Another question is how does the search engine ensure privacy of the data? To secure the confidentiality of user requests, Bing uses the secure HTTPS protocol during data transmission. For added security, the search engine also takes security measures such as end-to-end encryption. Additionally, if using Bing at work, it offers extra security measures to protect internal networks from unauthorized access. Thus, Microsoft requires each employee to pass verification of a user identity through the Microsoft Entra ID before connecting to any external resources.

Moreover, to provide an added layer of security to your Bing account, before starting to use the search engine, you also need to verify your account with a phone number. If you prefer hiding your real phone number to avoid it being accidentally leaked from the Microsoft databases, consider purchasing a temporary virtual number for this purpose.

Get Bing Verification Code without a Phone Number

If you are sensitive to the safety of your number, using a 20-minutes duration phone number can be very helpful. Among advantages of this technology is that it allows you to register on various platforms without compromising your actual number. There are social networks, messengers, marketplaces, online banking and many other services. This helps you keep your number safe from hackers to use it for their purposes and avoid intrusive spam calls and messages.

Moreover, since virtual numbers are not tied to physical location or devices, this technology grants you an opportunity to remain as anonymous as possible within a certain system (let’s say, when you create Bing account) or on the web. 

The SMS-Man vendor provides national codes of 190+ countries, so you can virtually register them from any available locations. Regardless of whether a certain platform can be accessed from your living area or requiring a phone number of any particular country. 

virtual phone number

To get Bing verification code with with SMS-Man allows to take a few simple steps:

  1. Register on
  2. Replenish balance with the required sum of money by a bank transfer or suitable payment system.
  3. Select the  service and country. Click “Buy”.
  4. Submit the number to Bing (you can copy it from the ‘History’ section in your SMS-man cabinet).
  5. To get Bing verification code, return to SMS-man and click “Get SMS”.
  6. Apply it to complete verification.

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