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How to Create Anonymous GetContact Account without a Phone Number?

How to Create Anonymous GetContact Account without a Phone Number?

What is GetContact? GetContact is an instant messaging software application that lets its users communicate in all contemporary formats: videos, photos, text, files, and audio. It supports caller identification features and convenient blacklist capabilities, as well as the ability to send messages to an unlimited number of users.

With 400 million users, the app’s money-making strategy focuses on ad managing tools, premium subscriptions, eSIM options, and e-commerce features. Notably, the app needs a registered account to admit you, and the process requires a phone number. Regardless, here’s what this app can do.


What is GetContact Feature-wise?

So, what is GetContact feature-wise? The app’s priority is security, which directs its functions. It promotes automated secure calling functions and various conveniences across its numerous customers. So, here is the list of its advantages:

  • Caller Identification lets you identify the dialer before you pick up the phone.
  • Short response time and double encryption help improve the chatting experience.
  • #tags let users mark verified callers.
  • AI-powered Trust Score software rates each phone number on the app.
  • It’s available as a website, PC, and mobile application.

What is GetContact in terms of premium subscriptions? It includes two plans, monthly and premium. Both turn off ads, let you know who viewed your tags, see who queries your number, and give you a badge. Additionally, 10 monthly tariffs vary by the number of times you can search for others, see tags and check Trust Scores.

There’s a good reason to consider getting GetContact or visiting the official website. Notably, they require an authorized account to use it. The process requires uncomfortable details, and it’s wise to learn everything regarding it before passing the GetContact registration.

getcontact collects personal data

GetContact Registration Process

To register, follow a simple procedure:

  • Read & Agree to the TOS.
  • Choose your phone contact app (GetContact or the default one).
  • Specify your email address and name, and submit a six-digit code from the mail.
  • Specify your mobile phone number
  • Complete the process.

Registering on GetContact without phone number is impractical, given that this piece of data is needed for secure calling functions. They say that numbers and emails are needed to maintain customer protection and privacy. However, it’s possible to avoid sharing a personal number.

Some consider this practice a privacy intrusion, which rightly raises concerns about security in the app. User data can be mishandled or leaked. So, is GetContact safe? As stated, all info is stored on secure servers and not published. Their Privacy Policy protects customer confidentiality and rights in multiple categories.

You’re safe, but you can’t view GetContact anonymously, because your data stays in their servers, and the developers are free to use it as they want. The data can be leaked or hacked; reports about possible GetContact data leaks appear regularly. Hence, it’s important to uphold anonymity here.

It’s smart to avoid sharing data with the platform and seek bypass options, including spare SIM numbers, eSIM cards, and virtual phone numbers. Of them, virtual numbers are the best way to view GetContact anonymously. The next section tells you all about them.

Virtual Numbers to Pass GetContact Registration

Virtual numbers are generated numbers that operate separately from any physical location or device. They are great for tricking any application that needs a phone number to confirm the user’s identity. Moreover, virtual numbers are untraceable and 100% legal.

Various services including SMS-man offer these to rent or buy as a one-time message. The first option can help those who aim to register for multiple services in rapid succession. The message option is ideal if you just want to pass GetContact registration. It includes a single SMS sent to this number.

virtual phone number for getcontact

Follow these steps to buy a one-time virtual message:

  1. Join via Google+ or other social networks.
  2. Top up your balance with the amount you need.
  3. Go back to the main page to select your country and “GetContact” service.
  4. Click the “Buy SMS” button opposite the icon of the selected service.
  5. Copy your phone number from the “History” section and use it for registration.
  6. Go back to your SMS-man profile and click the “get SMS” button to see it.
  7. Enter the received code to complete registration in GetContact.

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