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How to create an Etsy account without a phone number

create Etsy account

Online marketplaces have long been commonplace. Many people around the world use them to buy all sorts of items on a daily notice. However, except for Amazon, eBay and Walmart there are also other platforms. At the same time, some of them specialize in working with goods of a certain, sometimes unusual category. For example, there is a site that provides an opportunity to purchase or sell various handmade and vintage stuff. Check our article to learn more about this service as well as how to create Etsy account without a mobile number.

create Etsy account

Sign up for Etsy to buy unique handmade items

Etsy is an online marketplace that was founded in 2005 and headquartered in New York. According to official reports, at the end of 2021, the trading range of this platform was represented by more than 120 million items from just about 7 million sellers. At the same time, nearly 100 million people went through the Etsy register process as buyers since the launch of the website. These showcases are sizeable. Especially considering the specialization of the service.

The main products that are presented on this platform are handmade and vintage items as well as craft supplies. These include a wide range of things for a variety of tasks and tastes. Well, we are going to be more precise. You can set up Etsy account and use it to purchase various kinds of clothes and shoes, bags, home furnishings, and even jewelry. But that is not all. Items from categories such as art, toys, and supplies as well as tools for handicrafts are also available on the platform.

create Etsy account

In addition, according to the service rules, those things that are considered vintage must be over 20 years old. Compliance with this requirement by sellers is strictly controlled. That is why this website is great not only for lovers of handmade products but also for collectors. It perfectly meets the needs of both types of people.

Is there a way to create Etsy account without using a phone number?

The online marketplace we are reviewing in this article has one of the simplest registration processes in the midst of other similar platforms. There is no need to verify a cell number or anything else to create Etsy account and access the service. You only need to follow a bunch of simple steps to meet this challenge. Here is a list of them:

1. Proceed to the official website or download and launch Etsy mobile app. We will stick with the first option.

sign up for Etsy

2. Open a window to sign in.

sign up for Etsy

3. Move on to the profile creation page.

sign up for Etsy

4. Fill out the required fields or use one of the quick registration options.

set up Etsy account

5. Get a new account.

Etsy register

As has been said before, it is not difficult to set up Etsy account, and now you know that. However, there is one point to keep in mind. Just like in the case with other online marketplaces, ordering items on Etsy requires having an account with a verified phone number. A starter-level account is suitable only for exploring offers. For some reason cannot use or do not want to disclose your own number? Then just take advantage of the virtual one.

How to verify Etsy account using a virtual cell phone?

Virtual telephony as an industry appeared on the market a long time ago. Since then and until today there have been developed a lot of related solutions. So these days it is not really difficult to create Etsy account and verify it with a virtual phone number. The hardest part of this whole thing is obtaining such a number. But we know how to make it much easier. Just follow our instructions below to get a virtual number in the easiest way possible:

1. Register at

SMS-Man register

2. Complete profile verification by opening the link from the email sent to your mailbox and after that log into your new account.

SMS-Man email verification

3. Move on to the payment window and add credits to the profile in a convenient way.

SMS-Man account recharge

4. On the main page of the platform pick the Etsy phone number from the desired country.

Etsy phone number from the US

5. Hit the purchase button.

buy Etsy phone number from the US

As a result of the last action, you will receive a virtual phone number. You can use it to get OTP from Etsy. For this put that number on the account verification page and send a confirmation code to it. Once the message has been sent, switch back to SMS-Man and click on the “Get SMS” button. There will appear a code that consists of several digits. Use it to finally verify your profile.

That is how easy it is to benefit from such a feature as a virtual number. But this service is suitable not only for verification. It is also a great solution for those who want to create fake Etsy accounts for some reason. Virtual phone numbers are private and not suitable for revealing the identity of their users. Moreover, they can be used in unlimited quantities, thereby making it possible to create multiple profiles. So it is a multitasking tool that fits many tasks.
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