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How to create an anonymous WhatsApp in 2023

How to create an anonymous WhatsApp in 2023

WhatsApp is a popular mobile instant messaging application. Developed by a messenger whose main rule has always been “do not track user data,” after the acquisition by Meta has changed dramatically. Today, there is a chance that your personal information provided at registration may be hacked or fall into the hands of untrustworthy organizations.

But can you use Whatsapp without a phone number? In today’s article you will learn why WhatsApp requires a phone number to complete registration and how you can prevent the messenger from violating your anonymity online by using SMS-man and virtual numbers.

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History of WhatsApp

Originally conceived in 2004 as an app where a list of names in an address book could have individual statuses and nearly failed the original idea, WhatsApp found its second wind when Apple came up with the push notifications feature in 2009. It allowed WhatsApp users to notify everyone in their network every time they changed status. One month later, the WhatsApp app was launched in the App Store.

In 2014, after long-term negotiations, WhatsApp finally joined Facebook and Instagram as a part of the Facebook Inc. Corporation (Meta Platforms since 2021). Not long before being acquired by Meta, WhatsApp had over 500 million active monthly users with over 1 million reported new users per day. Today, there are over 2 billion people in every corner of the planet who use the messenger on a daily basis. But what is WhatsApp used for today and are there any enhanced functionality? Let’s figure it out.

WhatsApp Key Features and Advantages

Started as a regular SMS messaging service, today, the messenger supports sending and receiving data in a variety of formats, such us text messages, video and audio calls. As a tool for providing communication opportunities mainly with friends and relatives, WhatsApp made end-to-end encryption its integral part to protect users data.

WhatsApp Features and Advantages

Here are the main benefits of the messenger:

  • Accessibility. You can download and use application on any device, including Android, iOS, Windows, and others gadgets.
  • Variety of formats. Users can send and receive files of different types, including pictures, videos, documents, and more. This gives new opportunities when communicating online.
  • Communication types. It’s possible to make both voice and video calls. With this feature, you can make long distance communication more lively.
  • Group Channels. This feature allows you to create group chats with more participants. This can make it easier for you to interact in teams and improve collaboration with colleagues.
  • End-to-end encryption. Messenger uses end-to-end encryption, which provides even greater security and privacy for your messages and calls.

Is WhatsApp anonymous?

But is whatsapp anonymous today? No, and it never wasn’t. However, as Neeraj Arora, a former WhatsApp team member, shared in an interview, since the very beginning the crucial principle of developers was not to mine personal user data.

However, as mentioned above, although during negotiations Facebook assured WhatsApp team that they supported the “free service, no ads, no user data tracking” idea — indeed, they never kept the agreement. Are there any options to sign up for whatsapp without phone number? Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Same as Facebook, WhatsApp requires a phone number to confirm an account.

WhatsApp anonymous

Can I create a WhatsApp account without a phone number?

Although it’s impossible to register on whatsapp without phone number, today’s technologies allow you to remain anonymous on the web in a few different ways. One of the safest and most convenient is to buy a virtual number that you can use to pass verification in various Internet services and social networks.

Basically, virtual numbers are a non-physical alternative to regular SIM cards. The difference is that they are not bound to any physical location or device and can receive SMS thanks to special software on the provider’s side. Besides, such phone numbers you can use not only to create an anonymous Whatsapp account. But also for other popular social networks and messengers.

The SMS-man platform allows you to get a disposable virtual number from 190+ different countries in just a few clicks — and getting a verification code usually takes no more than 5 minutes.

virtual number for whatsapp

Here are the steps to follow (more profound instructions you can find in our help section):

  1. Create a profile at with your email address. You can also use a quick login via social networks (the platform protects your personal data);
  2. Find the “Top up my balance” in the menu on the left and go to the corresponding page to make a deposit;
  3. When the funds are on your balance, go back to the main page to select the country and the service “WhatsApp”;
  4. Then click on the “Buy” button against the selected service to add the phone number to the “History” section;
  5. Copy the received virtual phone number from the history of your requests and use it when registering your WhatsApp account;
  6. When the messenger sends a confirmation code, go back to the SMS-man platform and click “Get SMS” to receive it;
  7. Enter the received code to complete your messenger registration.

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