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How to create a second account in any service

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Recently it has become kinda common to create accounts on websites and online apps additionally. There could be plenty of reasons to do this. For example, separating personal life from business communications on social media networks. Even this simple solution can make life much easier, not to mention other options. But despite the case, there is always only one working way to sign up a second time for the same application. This solution is presented by virtual phone numbers for receiving SMS that are available on specialized platforms.

Reasons to create a second account on the same app

For sure everyone has his own goal to register multiple profiles. But still, it is possible to determine the most popular cases in which this feature shows itself in the best light and brings to the table a lot of benefits. So here is the list of why would someone create accounts on the same app several times:

  • Separating personal life and work;
  • Playing tricks on friends and relatives;
  • Boosting the effectiveness of a business promotion campaign;
  • Receiving promotional bonuses for newcomers once again;
  • Increasing chances to win in giveaways.

So, as it is not difficult to notice, there are a lot of various reasons why anyone would create multiple accounts on different websites and online apps. But most importantly there is a simple way to do this.

Creating multiple accounts with virtual numbers

Some apps allow registering profiles using only an email address. Sometimes there is even no need to verify it so it is possible to create unlimited accounts with random mailboxes without any issues. But what to do in case of such apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Tinder, and other platforms that require each user to complete mobile phone number verification for each account? The solution is simple. At the moment virtual phone numbers are the best tool for doing multiple registrations on various websites and applications.

Such a feature makes it possible to bypass mobile phone verification without having your own phone number. You don’t need to have even a SIM card while all the processes made online so there is also a possibility to create accounts with a PC or laptop only. But most importantly that this option is easy to take advantage of and available from anywhere in the world.

Getting virtual numbers to create accounts without limitations

SMS-Man provides a simple and affordable solution for those who want to register second and more profiles on various websites and online apps. You can get a disposable as well as a multipurpose virtual phone number for receiving OTP in just a few minutes. Here is a short instruction for how to obtain a number for simple one-time SMS reception which is currently the most popular choice among users:

1. Sign up for an account at and complete the email verification process.

2. Add funds to your balance with one of a few payment methods that are available on the according tab.

3. On the main page of the platform choose the country of the virtual number depending on your goals and financial capabilities.

4. Find a section with apps and select the one to create accounts on.

5. Click the purchase button to receive a virtual phone number.

6. Use it for signing up on the chosen app.

7. Once the verification message is sent, press “Get SMS” to reveal the code for creating an account.

This is it. With this feature, you can create accounts on various websites and apps in unlimited amounts.

It is also possible to use the rental service that is available with this link. This feature is more expensive than the previous one but at the same time has a few unique advantages. Unlike a disposable phone number, you can use it to create accounts on multiple apps and access those anytime when needed during the rental period of a phone number. But despite the choice, both options work great to solve the task at hand.

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