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How to create a Facebook Ad account without phone number

Facebook Ad account

Promoting goods or services on the web is a necessary part of doing any business. It allows people to reach a large audience around the world and thereby greatly increase profit. However, although it sounds cool, it is not always that easy. Despite high demand, there are not really many good and effective spots for advertising online. But the biggest problem is that even those available are not really simple and convenient in use due to regular blockages. This issue is especially true for Facebook. There it is possible to get banned because of many reasons. Once it happens, registering another Facebook Ad account might become a really big problem since in that situation it will be necessary to verify a personal mobile number. Want to learn how to perform this for the first and subsequent times without a phone number? Here is the answer.

Registering a Facebook Ad account using no number

Setting up a profile for advertising is a task that includes completing a bunch of steps. However, if it is done for the first time, there is no need for a mobile number. You can use it but it is not a mandatory requirement. So, in order to register a Facebook Ads account, simply follow the steps below:

1. Proceed to the official web page of the social network and sign up for a regular profile. It can be done using either an electronic mailbox or phone number which, as can be seen, is not required.

2. When done with the previous step, move on to Facebook Business Manager and press “Create an account”.

3. Fill out all suggested fields.

4. Open previously entered business email and confirm profile registration.

5. Start configuring your new Facebook Ad account.

This is it. You have made a profile for advertising on the most demanded social networking service in the world within a few minutes. But, unfortunately, it does not always go as easy as it was described above. Sometimes in order to sign up for a new Ad account Facebook might require the user to complete mobile number verification while registering a regular profile. Most often it happens due to security purposes. Do not have one or want to stay private? No problem. Just get and use a virtual cell number instead.

How to create Ad account on Facebook with the help of a virtual number?

There is nothing really difficult about this process as virtual phone numbers can be obtained and activated online by literally anyone from anywhere around the globe. See how simple it is to create a Facebook Ads account going that way:

1. First of all, sign up for a profile at sms-man.com. You can do this using an email address as well as a social network account.

2. The next step is to replenish the balance with a suitable payment method. It can be done through the corresponding tab. There are several options available so going through this process is unlikely to cause any difficulties.

3. Once done with the previous steps, proceed to the start page of the platform. There it is needed to choose issuing country for the virtual number, then scroll the page a little bit down and select Facebook among other supported online services.


4. Press the appropriate button to make a purchase.

5. Use bought virtual number when signing up for a new account on Facebook.

6. Search for the “Get SMS” button at SMS-Man and hit it to see the verification code.

7. Finish the profile registration process with the received code.

You have created a basic account using no personal number. Now just repeat the steps from the previous section of this article to turn it into a Facebook Ad account and begin promoting your goods or services online. This is simple as it is. By the way, there is also the option to take advantage of virtual numbers for free if for whatever reason paying for them is not possible.

Where to take a virtual mobile number for free?

Sometimes there is no opportunity to purchase a service due to the lack of a suitable payment option or anything else. But it is not a reason to get upset. You can obtain virtual numbers issued in different countries for free through our appropriate channel on Telegram. This is not difficult at all. Simply open the channel, copy the currently available virtual phone number and after that go to Facebook create Ad account with its help. It can be done multiple times a day as there is a new number every four hours.

Just do not forget to keep one thing in mind when using such an option. Because those virtual numbers are publicly available and cost nothing, they can be used for the same online service by different people. This means that there is always a chance of someone stealing created profile. So in terms of privacy and security creating Facebook Ad accounts with free virtual numbers is not a good idea. If it is about making a profile for long-term use then it is better to do this with a paid and private virtual phone number.

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