How to bypass phone number account verification for any application
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How to bypass phone number account verification for any application


Anybody sometimes faces account verification problems during a sign-up procedure in any application. Somebody doesn’t want to show their real personal data, somebody can’t use their real phone number, and so on. SMS-Man decided to help everybody with a small guide about SMS activation in any application.

You may find it difficult to understand, but I believe you will change your mind after trying this guide, stay tuned.

What is phone number account verification?

Phone number account verification — one of the hardest and most popular verification types in any app or site. You can find it on Facebook, PayPal, Telegram, Twitter, and so on.

Let’s understand what is the procedure:

  1. You enter your phone number in the application or site you want to sign up.
  2. Application or website sends SMS to the number you have entered.
  3. You get an SMS with OTP (one-time password) and take it in copy.
  4. After entering the OTP app will check if it is correct, then you will be able to use your account fluently.

Seems easy, doesn’t it? But I have to disappoint you with the troubles you may face before signing up.

Troubles during verification

For example, I went to Turkey and want to sign up for a Hopi account. But it requires only +90 Turkey numbers, what should I do?

I can go to the store and buy a touristic SIM card, but it is hard to get and it is very expensive (prices start from 5$).

Or, for example, if you already have an account with your own phone number, but want one more, what should you do?

The answer is very easy: you should use a fake phone number from SMS-Man. This number will allow you to sign up for a new account for ~0.5$, also you will be protected from personal data leaks, annoying marketers, scammers, and SMS hackers. Very good, but what if I want to sign up for some special application or to use a rare country’s phone number? Don’t worry, SMS-Man have a solution.

Which apps and countries can I choose?

In fact, you can sign up for every app with OTP with a number from any possible country. SMS-Man allows you to receive SMS easily on any number they have. 150+ countries and 2000+ apps for you.

But what if we can’t sell you the app you want? If you can’t find some app in the list, it is not a problem, just use the “Any other” number. This option is available for most part of the countries we have. Let’s find out how to use it in real cases.

How to bypass verification in any app?

It is the simplest part of that article. Go through our guide and make more and more accounts you need!

  1. Sign up for SMS-Man. We don’t collect your personal data, so you can use any available e-mail or go through Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, Telegram, or Google login.
  2. Top up your balance with some funds. You can choose any payment method: crypto, bank card, WeChat, AliPay, and so on.
  3. On the main page choose a suitable country from the list. It contains more than 150 countries, so I believe you will find out your need.
  4. Swipe down and find service “Any other”. After that, click “Buy” near the app.
  5. The bought number will be shown in the header of the website. Copy it and use it in your application.
  6. After the app will send you OTP, return to SMS-Man and click the button “Get SMS” to reveal the code. Use this code in-app and be happy!

That’s how you can sign up with paid phone number. You can also use a free phone number by that link.

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