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How to Create a 2nd WhatsApp Account Using Virtual Numbers

2 whatsapp without phone number

WhatsApp is a major messaging platform founded in 2009 and owned by Meta. This app replaces conventional telephone communication with an interface that provides communication, functionality and comfort. Having multiple WhatsApp accounts is beneficial in many ways, but for each new account you will need an additional phone number.

WhatsApp uses phone data such as numbers and contacts to identify you as a real user and to register you. The caller search function also works by phone number. So, to avoid confusion, you can only connect one phone number to one active profile. Making more WhatsApp accounts is advantageous, but requires special effort.

Purpose of Phone Numbers for WhatsApp activation

Phone numbers on WhatsApp bear a connectivity purpose. Users find friends and colleagues through phone info, not mail or personal details. It’s comfortable, allowing app users to add regular contacts directly to WhatsApp. The latter is a step up from regular texting apps, offering superior functionality and numerous new features. Unfortunately, registering for WhatsApp without phone number is impossible. It’s a mandatory step, steeped in core features and security concerns. The second reason why WhatsApp demands personal info is for verification. It’s an old way of spotting fake accounts, with mediocre results.

Also, most online platforms use phone numbers for verification. During the registration process, a text message will be sent to the phone number as a security layer. The message will contain a so-called “confirmation code” that must be entered to complete the registration. It’s another reason why you need a number to enter WhatsApp.

A single person can register using two different numbers, with two accounts on two phones. Having multiple WhatsApp accounts is beneficial in numerous ways, but getting a new SIM card for it is wasteful. Virtual numbers for SMS — a type of virtual telephony that is designed to receive text messages online, are better suited for this purpose.

How to activate WhatsApp

Why Virtual Numbers?

Virtual numbers are ordinary working telephone numbers that are only available online. It’s safe and effective at providing users with mechanisms necessary to receive SMS messages without buying a new SIM card. This means that users must have an additional phone to create a new account. But agree that buying a new SIM card for this endeavor is too expensive. Besides, you’ll only need it the first time you log into WhatsApp. A more efficient and cost-effective option would be to use the virtual option. This will save you money and allow you to have multiple WhatsApp accounts with the same effect.

The advantage of this method over the regular way of buying a SIM card is immense for new phone users. WhatsApp account based on a virtual number is more effective for calling and texting than a base phone with a SIM card, meaning the latter is redundant. A virtual number is also cheaper than a card, and there’s no difference for WhatsApp functionally. Rented numbers enable you to receive messages and act as the main elements of your account, i.e. they will be displayed during calls and used to identify your account. This means that a purchased virtual number gives you the same facilities as a physical SIM, the difference is cost (virtual ones are often cheaper) and comfort (it’s faster).

Getting a Virtual Number using SMS-man

You can rent phone numbers online at SMS-Man. The renting is long-term, allowing buyers to reserve the number and use WhatsApp with it.

virtual number for whatsapp

The guidelines for buying a virtual number for WhatsApp on SMS-Man are:

  1. Register at and authorize.
  2. Select the tab “Top up my balance” from the menu on the right and deposit the required amount using whichever method is convenient for you.
  3. Select the “Rent” option in the main menu.
  4. Pick the country, and duration time (hours, days, weeks, months), adjust the cost.
  5. After choosing a suitable deal, click “rent”.
  6. In this way, you will reserve a number for yourself. Use the purchased number to receive verification SMS and for registration.

SMS-Man lets buyers choose the country of the phone’s origin, each country costing differently. Users can see the amount of options available for the exact requested deal, adjusting the tariff respectively. The country plays little role in WhatsApp functionality, letting buyers choose based on cost.

Renting a phone number for WhatsApp for long periods of time is an ideal option, a one-time message doesn’t fulfill the purpose. If the rent expires soon and extending it is not an option, try purchasing a new number and moving the WhatsApp account there (available in settings) before the rent ends.

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