Discord accounts in bulk: buy with a phone number from 8 cents
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Buy Discord accounts in bulk with a phone number from 8 cents

Discord accounts

Discord is a straightforward service for person-to-person communication. Most of its audience consists of gamers and students from schools and universities. It is available for everyone though. Users that own Discord accounts have the opportunity to send personal messages as well as run servers with multiple members to talk to each other about a variety of subjects. There are also those who use this platform as one of the ways to advertise their goods or services. Doing this frequently takes having multiple profiles. But registering them often becomes a problem due to verification with a mobile phone number. So it is common to see some people wanting to buy accounts on this service. Let’s look at several solutions to this case.

Is it a good idea to buy Discord accounts?

There are a lot of platforms that provide an opportunity to purchase accounts on social networks, instant messaging services, and so on. This option is also available in the case of Discord. However, there is still no certainty about if it is a good or bad way to go. Basically, everyone sees his own advantages. So we will describe the most common issues that might appear. You should know them before considering to buy Discord account for sale. Here they those issues:

  • Blockage. Most appropriate shops sell profiles that were created automatically. They are often detected by the security system of the platform and get blocked due to suspicious activity.
  • Deception. Besides the fact that purchased accounts are always at risk of getting banned, there are also many dishonest shops and sellers themselves. You always can get nothing after making a payment. Moreover, whether a seller or original owner will stay able to return the account at any time.
  • Expensiveness. Buying ready accounts is never a cheap task. Even basic ones are not really cheap while those that are old or have some decent IDs cost way more.

It is obvious that buying Discord accounts involves certain risks. You can take them if necessary. But on other hand, there is a much better solution to this task. Fake phone numbers allow everyone to create their own accounts paying way less money and eliminating all the risks at the same time. This option is better in all aspects. There is only a need for some more time as registering new accounts in bulk doesn’t go as fast as buying them.

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How to obtain a fake number with SMS-Man?

It is really easy to create fake Discord accounts with our platform. You are free to choose from fake phone numbers in every country on the planet to accomplish this task. They all work for creating accounts. The main difference between them is pricing. However, there are a few countries where it is not possible to register with fake numbers issued by cellular carriers in other countries. So make sure which way works for you first. Once done, do the following to obtain a fake phone number:

1. Complete registration at sms-man.com to create an account.

2. Proceed with the use of a convenient payment method to replenish your balance.

payment SMS-MAN

3. Find and select the needed country on the main page. It stands for where a fake number will be issued.

4. Explore the tab with websites and apps to allocate Discord.

5. Order a fake phone number.

Now it’s all only about using the received mobile number for registration. Just place it on the verification form when Discord asks for it at the registration stage and do the same as with a regular number. You will get an account that won’t differ from others on the platform.

How to create multiple Discord accounts using fake numbers?

Fake phone numbers have several advantages. One of the most significant among them is that there are no limitations on how many of them a single person can use. This makes it possible to register unlimited accounts. It doesn’t take getting any special permission or using complicated software. Thereby, in order to create multiple Discord accounts, it is only necessary to get more fake numbers. You can do this by going through previously described steps again and again manually or using some software for automation.

Summing up the above, there are two options available for users on the market. You can do both buy Discord account and create it on your own with fake phone numbers. The first option makes sense only if there is not much time. Otherwise, we would recommend creating accounts with fake numbers as it is a way secure and cheaper solution.

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