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Google Account Protection: how to increase the degree of security

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Google takes its own security policy more than seriously. In order to increase the security of the Google account, the company recommends that its users regularly perform a number of simple but effective actions.

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Google account security: possible ways to strengthen protection

The first and most important step is to check the security of your Google account, which will show the degree of security of your account on any device. The system gives each user personal recommendations to strengthen the protection of the google account:

  • You can update the information to restore access (or add another contact phone number or email). This information will help block access to outsiders or, conversely, restore it, and it will also be there that information about any suspicious actions on gmail will come – this will definitely increase the security of the Google account.
  • Two-step authentication is also not superfluous – even if the password on the device is hacked by hackers, this is an excellent protection of the Google account. Since SMS codes can be used for phishing, Google suggests using an electronic key or a Google notification at the second stage of authentication.
  • Excluding all unnecessary applications from the access circle is an effective way to preserve the confidentiality of information.

Security settings in Google

Software Update

An outdated version of the operating system of the device or the applications used are vulnerable to fraudsters. Regular software updates will help improve the security of your Google account. Be sure to make sure that you are using the latest version of Google Chrome. Check that the operating system is up-to-date on all your devices. Don’t forget to check the versions of the applications you are using.

Strong passwords

Using the same password for several services is irrelevant and dangerous. How do I create a secure password? Google recommends using a reliable password generator (by the way, you can find one in the company’s browser).

Removing unnecessary extensions

If you want to eliminate the risk for devices and the data contained on them. It is better to limit the list of applications and extensions to only important and really necessary ones. And avoid any unknown sources and questionable applications – this will increase the security of your google account.

Защита аккаунта Goole: как повысить степень безопасности

How can I strengthen the protection of my Google account?

Generally, the company offers a valuable (automatic) option for maximum protection of data privacy on any device. Additional Protection Program ( is an ideal solution for public persons and users who, due to their activities, may be subject to Internet attacks. The program will not only provide security on, but it will also respond promptly to any threats from the network.

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