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Germany virtual number for SMS

Germany virtual number

Germany virtual number is a popular choice among users of platforms for receiving SMS. The main reason is that it is accepted by every online application in the world while the cost of it is pretty inexpensive and affordable. Moreover, the quality of this feature is also on top and leaves nothing to be desired. In this article, we will explain how to get and use such a service using the tools from SMS-Man.

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Germany mobile number for SMS: basics and advantages

This feature sounds like something weird and unusual. But in reality, Germany phone number is the same as a real phone number from this country. It also has a +49 dialing code and a similar amount of digits. The only difference is that it is available for use online without a smartphone. As for its advantages, it is represented by the following list:

  • Privacy. Phone numbers for SMS go into single hands. No one can reuse them to access created accounts.
  • High quality. EU mobile numbers have always been a symbol of quality. High SMS receiving rate and low block chance are their distinctive features.
  • Prestige. Accounts created with Germany phone number inspire confidence and encourage cooperation. It is one of the best choices for running and promoting a business on social media networks.

This is what people value this feature for. And there is nothing surprising about it. This set of advantages makes Germany virtual number one of the best choices in its industry.

Who can activate Germany virtual number?

This is a popular question among new users. The answer to it is simple. Germany virtual number is available for activation by anyone in the world. There are no restrictions on this. You can get and use such a service from Germany as well as any other country without any differences. The result will be absolutely the same. The only requirement is to have an internet connection.

Websites that accept Germany phone numbers for OTP

Some websites do not accept phone numbers from several countries. But it has nothing to do with Germany. Virtual numbers from this country are accepted by all the popular online applications. You can use it freely to sign up or verify your account on WhatsApp, Gmail, Netflix and other platforms.

How safe is using Germany virtual phone numbers?

Due to unknowledge, some people think that using virtual phone numbers is not private and safe. But it’s a delusion. Purchasing and activating Germany virtual mobile number doesn’t require providing any personal data and documents. In most cases, there is no need for anything at all though sometimes users may need to provide their email address to create accounts on specialized SMS activation platforms.

Anyway, all the information entered by users is reliably protected by the privacy policy and is not subject to disclosure. In addition, virtual phone numbers are untraceable. Nobody can figure out the location of their users. For this reason, the use of virtual phone numbers is absolutely private and safe in the context of confidentiality.

Simple way to get Germany virtual number to receive SMS

SMS-Man offers all the needed tools for solving this task. You don’t have to go through complicated processes at all. In order to use Germany SMS receive option without giving much effort just follow the steps from our step-by-step guide. Here is how it is done:

1. Complete registration on and verify your account.

2. Use one of a few payment methods that are presented on the website to add funds to the balance.

3. On the homepage find the list of countries and choose Germany.

4. Proceed to the tab with websites and select the app to receive the verification code from.
5. Click the purchase button and receive Germany virtual number.

This is how it works. You have received a phone number. Now simply enter it on the chosen app, request on it a text message for verification and click «Get SMS» to see the verification code for creating or verifying an account.

It is also possible to rent Germany phone number for a certain period of time for up to one month. This option is way more useful and cost effective than one-time use service when it comes to signing up for accounts on many websites at once. Check our rental service page to see all the available options along with prices.

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