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How to create freelancer account without phone number

freelancer without phone

A freelancer is a worker who is not officially employed and works remotely over the Internet. He searches for clients on his own and decides what kind of work he needs to do. A freelancer can work with one or more clients at the same time. He has tasks, deadlines for their completion and an agreed amount of payment for the work done. We will tell you where to find freelance work in this article.

While freelancers used to be people working in the creative field, today there are more and more engineers, psychologists, foreign language teachers, designers, and consultants in various fields among people working for themselves.


Pros and cons of working as a freelancer


– Independence from no one, free work schedule and the ability to work from home. That is a comfortable state to produce a particular service.
– A low threshold for starting your own business.If we compare it to office staff, often the person in the office does not always perform the functions peculiar to his position and at the same time does some of the work of other people.
– Comfortable working conditions are their own working conditions A person can afford to work at a time when it is convenient for him and spend part of his time with his loved ones.
– Also one of the big pluses is the ability to choose your own work and refuse uninteresting or unprofitable projects.


– One of the main disadvantages is the need to look for new orders yourself.
– As for income, it is not constant.
– Another disadvantage is the need to keep your own books, to understand whether to pay taxes or not, how much money came and how much went, how much was spent on your promotion and so on.
– A high risk of fraud or unfair practices on the part of the customer, which can occur regardless of what kind of contract has been concluded.

Website for freelancing

You probably have a question. So where do freelancers look for work? There are many websites for finding remote work. One of them is Freelancer. On this service you can find a worker or offer your services. Thanks to the site, you can publish your work, post or view your portfolio. You can pay for the work only when it is 100% done.

If you are the customer, you provide detailed information about the work to be done. Thanks to the site, you will be able to find someone who will do the necessary work at a fairly low price.
If you are a performer, you need to fill out your profile and list your skills so that the site will select the right kinds of work for you.


Creating a new account

To find a job on the site, you need to register. You can create an account with a virtual number. To do this, you need to use the sms-man service. There you can buy a virtual number for registration from $0.21, or you can get a number for free in the telegram channel. On the main page of the site you choose the country and the necessary service – and buy a number. The received number will be displayed in your order history. You will use this number when registering at the service. The site will display your confirmation code. Use it to complete your registration. Fill in the necessary data about yourself and you can start looking for a worker or employee!

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