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Facebook account is disabled: how to fix?

Facebook account disabled

There are many people who get their Facebook account disabled every day. This is one of the most popular issues for users of this social network. Moreover, it is only getting more common as platform regularly implements additional restrictions and prohibitions. It is possible to get page disabled due to numerous reasons. That’s not the biggest problem with this though. The biggest problem is that often there is no understanding of how to fix it. So, here is complete guide on this.

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Your Facebook account has been disabled: possible reasons

Nowadays it is possible to get a profile banned due to numerous reasons. The list of those reasons is also constantly getting longer. However, the most popular reasons are still the same and less likely to change in the near future. Here they are:

  • Using multiple profiles without taking certain steps. Basically, every person is allowed to register on Facebook only under their real first and last name. So using multiple accounts without changing the IP address for each of them and taking some other steps may lead to all of them being blocked due to suspicious activity.
  • Taking another person’s identity. This is especially true when using a photo of another person as a profile image. Such an approach is a straightforward way to get an account disabled.
  • Changing personal information too frequently. In this case, Facebook often suspects that something is wrong and bans the profile. It is better to change information related to the account not more than once a month.
  • Sending spam. Doing mass mailing for advertising purposes with the same template is not a good idea either. To not find your Facebook account disabled you’d better send every person individual text.
  • Being rude. One more reason is about sending offensive text messages to other users of the social network. If an offended person will complain, the moderation team will take appropriate measures.

In addition, it is also possible to find out that your account on Facebook is disabled after adding over 15 people to your friends list or joining over 10 groups on the same day. These are only the most popular cases while in fact there are much more. So, make sure to read the rules of the platform before using it if you don’t want to get your profile blocked.

What to do if Facebook account disabled?

In most cases, there is only one versatile solution. In order to unblock your profile, you need to proceed to Facebook and confirm your identity by following instructions and requirements from the platform. If an account is registered under your first and last name, then there won’t be any issues with this. Your profile will be unblocked shortly as soon as the submitted form has been reviewed. Unblocking an account with fake credentials is impossible. You can only create a new Facebook account to keep enjoying the social network. However, here comes another issue.

To register a new profile, it will be necessary to provide and verify your mobile phone number. That number should be not bound to any other account on the platform. Thereby, since your phone number already was used to create a disabled profile, it will be impossible to use it again for the same purpose. Solving this issue is easy with temporary phone numbers. They are not bound to any accounts and allow signing up for a fully operable profile at any time.

How to get and use a temporary phone number for Facebook?

SMS-Man provides a simple and convenient opportunity to take advantage of that technological solution. Performing this process from beginning to end won’t take more than 10 minutes. You also don’t have to read through long instructions before that even if never used temporary numbers previously. Just follow our guide below:

1. Register an account on sms-man.com after opening the link.

Signing up for SMS-Man

2. Proceed to the page for refilling the balance and top up your profile in a suitable way.

Recharging balance on SMS-Man

3. Switch to the homepage, then choose the country where a temporary phone number will be issued and find Facebook.

Choosing a temporary phone number for Facebook

4. Click on “Buy SMS”.

Buying a temporary phone number for Facebook

5. Copy the received phone number for Facebook.

Temporary phone number for Facebook

6. Use it for registration on the social network.

7. Create a new account using a verification code that came to the number.

There is nothing else to do once the last step is completed. This is how anyone can easily sign up for a new profile after getting their Facebook account disabled. To say more, this is also a good option for those who want to register multiple accounts. You are free to use temporary phone numbers in unlimited quantities.

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