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Facebook account is disabled: how to fix?


Lately, there have been massive blocking of Facebook accounts around the world. And more and more often these blockings come automatically and turn out to be erroneous. How to get your Facebook account back in the shortest possible time, we will tell you in this article?


What to do if Facebook has blocked the account, how to get out of the ban. Let’s understand why Facebook can block access to a personal profile. And then let’s look at ways out of this situation.

Reasons for blocking.

1. One personal profile.
Each user of this social network can have only one personal account. Registering to Facebook is only allowed under your first and last name. In case of blocking, if you can’t provide a screenshot of your passport, your profile can be permanently deleted.
2. Someone else’s photo.
Using someone else’s photo on your avatar is not allowed. When doing business on Facebook, it is very important to have your own photo on your personal account, not a photo of stars or doggies.
3. Changing personal information
The reason for blocking is that you change your personal profile information frequently. If you do this often, Facebook may suspect something is wrong and ban you. If you change any information, write it in draft first and then change it. And it’s better to do it no more than once a month.
4. Adding everyone as a friend indiscriminately.
This is adding more than 15 people a day to your friends. You can only have 5000 friends on your personal profile, and there is no limit to the number of subscribers.
5. Spamming
Another reason for ban may be sending out the same (template) mails when inviting friends. As in any social networking site you have to write for each prospective friend an individual invitation.
6. Mass joining to groups
In communities of people with similar interests, it is recommended to join no more than 10 groups in one day.
7. Rudeness
The next reason is an offensive message sent to another member. Be mutually polite, if the offended person complains about you, Facebook will immediately take certain measures.

What to do if your personal Facebook profile is blocked?

Go to Facebook and confirm your identity by following its instructions. There is an option to request a new password for access. You can identify your friends by their photos, but it’s more difficult. If you have many friends, it’s impossible to know everyone’s first and last names.

Better yet, set up the ability to restore access to your personal profile in advance. To set up this feature, go to “Settings” on your personal profile. Select “Security” and “Trusted contacts”. You can add 3 to 5 trusted friends who will become a link between your personal account and the social network in case of a ban.

If you can’t restore your account, you can buy a virtual number at sms-man.com . With a virtual number you can re-register on Facebook. Previously, we wrote about how to register for the service with a virtual number. You can read it in our article.



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