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Divorce in Tinder: how to identify the cheater

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Social networking sites for dating are gaining in popularity. Tinder alone has more than 50 million registered users, but unfortunately, the platform has begun to attract not only single people. Recently, scammers in Tinder have become so active that every user needs to know clearly how to recognize them. There are several warning signs, and if at least one coincided, it is necessary to immediately stop communicating and report a suspicious account to the moderators.

Popular divorce in Tinder: offer to communicate outside the app

The social network has an algorithm that allows you to track and block suspicious accounts. But Tinder scammers took a different path: they want to get communication out of the app as quickly as possible.

This is really important for the attacker: by communicating with a potential victim outside of the social network, he significantly reduces the risk of being banned. This means that in order to deceive other people, he won’t have to create another account.

First of all, the user should be alerted if the interlocutor offered to communicate in some obscure messenger or even dropped off a suspicious link. It is strongly not recommended to click on it, because it is easy to get on a phishing site, stealing data. Another popular scam Tinder Telegram assumes communication in the anonymous messenger. Once again we remind: to communicate with the interlocutor only within the application, because only then moderators will be able to ban a suspicious account.

How to recognize a divorce in Tinder by the style of messages

Как распознать развод в Тиндер по стилю сообщений

Everyone’s language level is different, but there are criteria that can help you recognize a bot or scammer by their communication style.

Here you need to be very careful:

  • Scammers in Tinder from other countries often use machine translation to communicate. In this case, communication will look strange, and the construction of phrases – sloppy.
  • If suspicions arise, carefully examine the profile of the interlocutor. If it is indicated that the recipient is from your country, and has higher education, this style of communication is an unquestionable reason to be wary.
  • If the interlocutor completely ignores the previous messages and sends random phrases, this is a sure sign that they are communicating with a bot. They are also often used to trick gullible users.
  • To further protect yourself from being tricked on Tinder, we recommend that you register your account not on your personal, but on a virtual number. You can buy it in the “SMS-man” service. Connecting your account to this number will help protect your personal information.

Scammers in Tinder: photos that may become grounds for suspicion

We are by no means claiming that the photos of all the beautiful girls are hidden scammers. But it’s still worth carefully studying the photo of a potential interlocutor.

If the photos look too professional or pixelated, it’s worth spending a few minutes and just trying to find them through a Google image search. If the photo is someone else’s, the risk that you’re communicating with a scammer increases significantly.

Tinder: a scam of girls for money

Тиндер: развод девушек на деньги

Become a victim of this widespread scheme of fraud can not only girls, so you need to know exactly what scheme works divorce in Tinder for money.

Scammers are very subtle psychologists, and know how to lure people out of their money, so you need to be extremely careful. Quite often the attackers spend a lot of time to communicate and gain a person’s trust.

The further scheme is as follows:

The interlocutor has some kind of trouble: an illness of a close relative, a lost purse or a suitcase at the airport.
After this there is a request to lend a certain amount of money. Naturally, the scammer insists that the money is needed urgently.
The intruder necessarily promises to return the borrowed funds, sometimes even in double measure, but, of course, this does not happen.
This fraud scheme is very common, but no one is immune from unfortunate troubles. In this case, be sure to listen to your intuition and analyze the communication, and only then decide to help. But if, over time, this situation repeats and the user again asks to lend any amount, most likely, it is a scam in Tinder for money, and this should be reported to the moderators.

Failed encounter: a popular divorce

Несостоявшаяся встреча: популярный развод в Тиндер

Suppose a user communicates with a girl, everything goes well and a date is arranged. But at the last moment the date is canceled for a very realistic and good reason.

Of course, anything can happen in life. But if a similar scheme is repeated, or even worse – the interlocutor begins to ask for money, most likely, you are dealing with a fraudster in Tinder.

Keep in mind that repeatedly refusing to meet in person is a reason to consider the account suspicious. Scammers never meet potential victims in person. First, behind the photo of a pretty girl can hide a bearded man. Secondly, face-to-face communication deprives the abuser of a sense of anonymity and security.

How to recognize scammers  by suspicious behavior?


We’re not going to judge anyone for the way they correspond, but there are signs that make it very easy to spot a suspicious account.

If a user:

  • Wrote first and is not stingy with compliments and ardent confessions;
  • In a hurry to move communication from the social network to third-party applications;
  • Ready to start chatting in real life right now;
  • Or after a short communication asks for money – this is a reason to suspect the user of fraud.
  • Of course, it makes no sense to see every person as a potential cheater in Tinder. But if the interlocutor is too obtrusive, there are serious logical inconsistencies in his story or communication seems strange in general, it is better to stop correspondence.


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