Creating your own online store from scratch. Online business scratch.
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Creating your own online store from scratch. Online business scratch.

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You have decided to start your own business, to create a store to provide goods or services, but you do not know where to start and how? I will tell you how to creating your own online store from scratch business by yourself. Without investing your own money to create and promote it.

Now you do not have to pay money and rent premises for this, all this can now be done on the Internet. In our modern world is very well developed Internet technology, where you can organize everything and do it all from home, sitting at your computer. It’s impossible, you might think? And I’ll tell you that everything is possible if you want to.

If you want to know how, read on to learn my article how to create Online business scratch. Here I will explain in detail how to create your own group, how to design it, how to create advertising to attract customers and where to distribute it. Where to start.

Develop your business plan for building a website

First of all you need to create and develop your business plan. In it you should describe in details what goods or services you are going to present, in what quantity, where you are going to take it, from suppliers or you are going to offer your own goods or services. You should also write down at what price it will all be bought, for what period of time you want to make a profit and in what amount, what kind of a margin you want to make.

To successfully promote the online store from scratch, you need to get to the point of demand. Provided a product or service must meet the needs of the buyer. And for this you need to make affordable prices and good quality.

Come up with a bright, catchy name for your store, write descriptions of what you can buy in it, what are the good terms, what are the promotions, discounts, what is the quality of goods. This plays a huge role in creating your own online store, so that the potential client by going to the group, could study in detail the information and if he can find a product or service that he needs from you. It is also necessary to write the method of payment, whether you have a prepayment, or payment will take place after the receipt of goods or services. What will be the delivery by courier or mail, if you open a store of goods with Online business scratch.

Decide also on the geographic location, whether you will provide services or goods in one region or choose several regions. You may want to cover a wide area.

An easy way to create an online store

As for the free creation of the site with a product or service, there are simple, you create a group, such as instagram, facebook, twitter or registered on any information and educational site with a large audience and start to make a channel or group for your store. I’ll take an example of a group design on facebook.

The next point will be to create a gallery of photos of your work or product. For example, if it’s a clothing store, be sure to have a photo, description, price, material, quality, size. To ensure that the customer found quickly what he needs and was not lost, going to the gallery with a photo you must create a group of products, divided primarily for men and women, children, teenagers, boys and girls, and already these groups are divided into subgroups (underwear, sweatshirts, pants, jackets, and so on). After creating a group on the site, its own store go to the advertising.


Need to create ads. It can be created for a fee and free.

Advertising should contain attractive, enticing content. So that the audience wants to see what you have in the group. But also it should not overly embellish and write what is not really there. Otherwise the user will be disappointed when he comes to the group and will not trust such a store. Try to describe the real benefits of its online – store.

Where to advertise. It can be distributed on all free sources. You can also spread a link to your group on the pages of your profiles, in the comments. Ask friends, family and relatives to spread information about the existence of your group.

Here, perhaps, are the main criteria for creating your own business. You see, to create your own online store from scratch, you do not have to pay for everything. You can perfectly do it yourself for free. The main thing is the drive, the labor and the time it will take to organize it all. If you do not cheat your customers, over time you will be able to earn the trust of customers and reach a good profit, while being at home at your computer. I wish you a good promotion and good profits!

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