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Create Hermes account without a phone number

create Hermes account

Despite restrictions on movement and transportation international delivery services have not gone anywhere and remain an integral part of modern life. In light of this, the question of how to create Hermes account without a phone number is still relevant and even gaining more popularity day by day since it gives access to one of the most convenient ways to send and receive parcels worldwide. SMS-Man provides a fast, accessible, and easy-to-use solution for this task. Read our article to learn in detail about how it works.

Hermes brand as the symbol of convenience and comfort

The market is represented by many international delivery services. However, only a few of them are in great demand and win the love of people. It is impossible to do without offering distinctive advantages and Hermes brand has plenty of them. These include:

  • Convenient tracking system. Your parcel won’t get lost somewhere no matter want. Platforms make it possible to track it at literally every stage of its journey so there is nothing to worry about while waiting for it to arrive.
  • Return service. It is okay to return an item for free to many top retailers. There are also a few ways to do this. You can arrange a courier collection, drop it off at ParcelShop or visit Locker to do the same.
  • Sending video feature. Sometimes it is not possible to be somewhere in person. Hermes account allows making parcels look more personal by sending with them video messages using the service from Evri Video.


This is what people love this company most for. Though there are also some other benefits of having Hermes account such as the possibility to divert and a wide range of delivery options. Everyone will find there what he needs.

Simple way to create Hermes account without phone number

There is not much to do about this. You can easily create Hermes account using a second phone number from SMS-Man within a few minutes. Just follow our simple and detailed instruction:

1. Proceed to main page, open the registration form and create an account.


2. Use desired payment option to add funds to the balance.


3. On the homepage choose the country of origin for a virtual phone number.


4. On the apps tab select Hermes.


5. Click the purchase button to receive a mobile phone.


The last step is to activate the received phone number to register Hermes account without using your own phone number at all. Once the verification code is sent press the “Get SMS” button to see the received text message. Use it on the registration form to finish creating Hermes account and access all the features of this popular service.

How to sign up on Hermes website with VoIP mobile number for free

It is not always possible to use a paid service. Because of this, we have created a channel on Telegram. With its help, you can create an account on Hermes website absolutely for free. Through this channel, we provide up to six public phone numbers daily that everyone can use for his purposes. There are no restrictions or hidden payments. You simply take the currently active phone number and use it to sign up or complete verification on any website including Hermes!

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