A detailed overview on how to post on Craigslist without phone verification
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How to post on Craigslist without phone verification in LA, New York, Sacramento, or any other city in the US


Craigslist is the most popular marketplace for ads in the US, and one of the most visited websites in the world. There, you can buy or sell everything – cars, appliances, electronics, household goods, toys, clothes, and even apartments.

Every day, millions of users exchange or sell things they don’t need via this service. One of the crucial reasons for such great popularity is its minimalism. It was created back in 1995, and since that time its design never changed.

As it was mentioned, simplicity is the key feature of this website. And it affects every aspect and process: from registration to search for suitable ads. Whether you access this marketplace in Los Angeles, New York, or any other city, everything you need to do is to click on the tab of your city and start browsing through advertisements.

How to get multiple accounts to post on Craigslist without phone verification?

The wide popularity of this marketplace allows you to use it to effectively promote your goods and services. Many Russian-speaking residents in the USA have used it to organize their own sales businesses. To increase sales, be sure to get many accounts so that you can post the same ads multiple times.

But there is one difficulty – to register additional accounts, you will need an additional phone number for each of them. And the more profiles you want to create, the more numbers you will need. The most convenient and advantageous solution is to use virtual phone numbers. But such services cost more in the USA than in Russia, so it is better to use a Russian-language website.

Сraigslist (Крейглист): обзор и регистрация без номера телефона

How to buy virtual number for Craigslist verification?

In Russia, there are many services that allow you to purchase virtual phone numbers. One of the most convenient platforms for these purposes is sms-man.com. It allows you to deposit your account not only in rubles but also in dollars and cryptocurrencies, which is very comfortable if you live outside Russia.

In addition, here, you can buy a virtual number for Amazon, eBay, and other popular services. A temporary number for Craigslist will cost you only $0.3.

For such a low price, you will not manage to register an additional Craigslist account via any western website. As for other benefits of Sms-man, there is a possibility to choose the country of the mobile operator. Besides, you will get access to prompt support service via the chat on the website.

Instructions on how to buy a virtual number:

  1. Open sms-man.com and complete a quick registration.
  2. Deposit your balance in a convenient way in the “Payment” section.
  3. Open the main page and type “Craigslist” in the search line. Then, select it from the list.
  4. Click on the button “Get” next to the number you like.

That’s it, the number is added to your personal cabinet. To get an SMS with an activation code to it, type it in the form when registering on Craigslist. To see the message, go to your account on Sms-man and click on “Get SMS”. So, now you know how to contact someone on Craigslist without phone number for business purposes and how to create as many profiles on this source as you need without buying extra SIM cards.

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