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Change phone number in Facebook for free

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When you lose access to your phone number, it is necessary to change it in every account due to security of your social networks. In Facebook you have to do it immediately, because you may lose opportunity to login your account.

In this article I will tell you how to do it for free in 2021.

Searching for number

At first we have to log in our account and find Settings and Privacy:

Then click to Settings and you will be redirected to page of advanced accounts settings:

Here you should find tab “Mobile” and left click it: 

Here you can easily remove old number and add new with confirmation code.

But what to do if you don’t have second phone number or want to put fake number?

Free fake number for Facebook

SMS-Man made good promo for every who want to change phone number in Facebook in 2021. I will briefly tell how to get it.

  1. Pass sign up procedure on SMS-Man.
  2. Go to SMS-Man YouTube channel.
  3. Subscribe that channel
  4. Check the whole video to find your promocode for free phone number for Facebook!
  5. Write to SMS-Man support to use it.

After that you will have opportunity to get free phone number. Other video can contain other promo’s. Stay tuned and get free numbers!

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