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Change phone number in Facebook for free

Facebook number change

Losing access to a personal phone number is never good. Without it, there is no way to conveniently keep in touch with friends and relatives. But it is not the only thing to worry about after getting in such a situation. You also have to change it for every account on social networking platforms and instant messengers due to their terms of security. When it comes to Facebook, it is better to do it immediately as there is a chance of losing the opportunity to log in to your profile once and for all. We will explain how to complete Facebook number change for free in 2022.

Proceeding to Facebook mobile number change tab

You can change your mobile cell number on Facebook only from a certain tab. So it is important to understand where to look for it. There is nothing difficult about it though.

The first step in process of changing Facebook mobile number is to log in to a social network. You can do this with either a phone number or a mailbox. Once in, find the “Settings and Privacy” button, click on “Setting” and proceed to the page of advanced accounts settings. There you will see the mobile settings section. On this page, you can add a second number as well as remove or change the main one. Let’s see how to change it for free.

How to complete a Facebook number change for free?

It is easy with online services for receiving OTP. Even though most often they provide only paid solutions, some of them also do offer free options, just like SMS-Man. To get a new phone number for Facebook for free you just need to:

1. Sign up for

2. Go to our channel on YouTube.

3. Watch videos and find a promocode in one of them.

4. Use it on your profile page at SMS-Man.

5. Purchase a phone number for Facebook registration from the homepage of the service with received credits.

Such a number is completely private and cannot be used by anyone else except you.

If there are no available promocodes at the moment, then you can visit our special channel on Telegram which represents another way to complete Facebook number change for free. There every 4 hours appear new phone numbers from issued in various countries. They are completely free to use and work for signing up for all the popular online websites and applications including Facebook.

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