How to make money on TikTok?
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Can you make money on TikTok?

earn money tiktok

TikTok is one of the most influential social networks on the market. You can also learn how can you earn money from tiktok.

As of today, TikTok is one of the most popular and fast-growing social networks. The format of this platform involves posting short videos lasting from 15 to 60 seconds and livestreaming. The overwhelming majority of users are teenagers between the age of 14-15. In most cases, users visit this source to have some fun watching entertaining videos. But only a small part of them thinks about earning money there.

So, how to get paid on TikTok? In this review, I have gathered the most advantageous methods for you.

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How much does TikTok pay via official monetization?

Unfortunately, as of now, this function is unavailable. In January 2020, this social network stopped cooperating with private profiles. Before that, a user could receive bonuses for others watching his videos. Then, those bonuses could be converted into real money. But now that function is deactivated.

Yet, there is a chance that, in the future, they will present an official affiliate program, like YouTube. And it will pay money to users for views.

How do you make money on TikTok via other affiliate programs?

As I have already mentioned this option, I should tell you that attracting customers through affiliate links can become your regular income. At the same time, you can place such links on any convenient platform – on your website, in your blog, or in your account on the social network. If to speak about TikTok, as a rule, users add such links to descriptions for their videos or right in the bio of their channels.

The key goal is to manage to spark the interest of your subscribers (potential buyers) in the goods or services advertised. You can find and choose an affiliate program suiting your needs on Admitad, CityAds, or another platform.

How can you earn money from TikTok by publishing ads?

That is almost identical to the previous option, but, here, you work with advertising clients directly. Besides, you can cooperate with other novice users. They can ask you to promote their accounts for a fee.

How many follower on TikTok to get paid for posting ads? Sure, your audience should be vast enough, but there are no strict demands. Yet, you should take into account that your fee will depend on both the size of your audience and the level of their activity.

Can you make money on TikTok by advertising your own goods and services?

Sure. That is a common practice. As a rule, it enjoys great popularity among psychologists, marketing consultants, or experts in other spheres. So, they create short useful videos that attract other users’ attention and then post ads for their courses or consultations.

You can use the same scheme to advertise your services if you are, for example, a nail technician or an art teacher.

Certainly, publishing advertisements for varied goods will also produce great results – for example, if you knit funny sweaters or are fond of some other needlework. Your channel can be a helping hand in promoting your goods and brand.

There is one more kind of service worth mentioning as a separate point. This social media is a perfect platform for advertising video shooting services. By the way, you can sell both your services as a videographer and your exclusive educational courses.

can you earn money from tiktok

How can you earn money from tiktok on TikTok from livestreaming?

You will get access to this function as soon as you attract 1000 subscribers. During such live programs, other users can send you special stickers as a thank you. The point is that this website offers its own currency – virtual coins. Any subscriber can buy a minimal set of coins (100) for $1,29. Then, he can use these coins to purchase stickers. For example, he can buy a sticker for 20 coins and present it to a blogger, whose live program he likes.

As a result, this blogger gets 80% of the price of this sticker to his balance. And, when the sum on his balance reaches $10, he can withdraw the money.

This method is often used by gamers. They just play their favorite or some popular games in live mode, tell their audience about the peculiarities of the corresponding games, share their personal lifehacks. And their subscribers endow them with stickers for that.

How do you make money on TikTok as a brand ambassador?

This opportunity is available to famous bloggers with a stellar reputation. What is its sense? Sometimes, large brands decide to cooperate with influential bloggers on a constant basis. In such a case, their cooperation goes beyond creating one-time advertisements for some goods or services. Instead, a blogger becomes an ambassador.

That means that he becomes an official image of the company, who shares its values and principles completely. Such a person participates in varied promo events, campaigns, challenges. He (or she) can advertise some products or tell his (her) subscribers about some new goods.

How can you earn money from tiktok by promoting music?

In practice, that is a separate sort of advertisement – one is pushing some song or a piece of music. How does that work? Most videos published on this source include background music. And the title of this song is displayed at the bottom of the screen. When a subscriber presses on this title, he gets an opportunity to use this song for his own videos.

Naturally, the more videos with the particular music are published, the more popular this song gets. That is why there is a growing demand for such advertising services. So, singers and songwriters turn to well-known bloggers and ask them to include certain music in videos on a fee basis.

can you earn money from tiktok

Sidewise methods of earning money

What is the difference between these schemes and all the other options described above? Here, you get money for promoting other users’ profiles instead of pushing your own one. One should mention the following variants:

  1. One runs an account belonging to another user. Then, you will be responsible for compiling a content editorial calendar, uploading and publishing videos, developing an SMM strategy, monitoring and analyzing profiles belonging to competitors, etc. In other words, you will work as a fully-fledged SMM manager.
  2. Adjusting advertisements only. Like many other social networks, this one offers its internal tool for using advertisements. In most cases, large companies and successful bloggers prefer to hire SMM experts rather than waste time and effort on finding out how it works. As a rule, bloggers use TikTok Ads to set their marketing campaigns.
  3. Inflating views, likes, subscribers. Such simple actions as watching videos, liking posts, or subscribing to channels can also bring you a small income. For that, register on TikTopFree, Vktarget, UNU and start fulfilling the tasks.
  4. Creating video content on a by-order basis. This method is highly relevant for videographers, who can help other users improve the quality of their content or make it more exciting and involving.

As you can see, this social platform offers a whole bunch of opportunities to get extra income, so you can easily select the one to your liking. More to the point, you can earn on this platform even if you do not have a huge audience or a widely promoted channel. You hold the keys to the kingdom!
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