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Can I Register on WeChat outside of China?

WeChat registration outside of China

WeChat remains China’s most popular social media, and mobile payment app. It combines elements of an instant-messaging platform, video chatting options, social feed features, and more. It’s a catch-all piece of software that offers all modern social media functions under one roof. Consequently, it’s used by millions in China, but its popularity abroad is low.

There are still reasons to use WeChat outside China. Feature-wise, it offers a versatile, convenient set of functions. You can chat, publish, share, call, and communicate otherwise with virtually any Internet-savvy person in China and abroad. It’s similar to other social media apps, but it has several benefits given its Chinese origins. And yes, you can register on WeChat outside China, but there is a nuance.

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WeChat Benefits and Features

It’s similar to various leaders in social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. However, it unites many iconic features these apps offer, creating a thorough user experience. Essentially, there’s no reason to use other social media in China, when WeChat offers everything people need.

So, What is WeChat feature-wise? Its main feature is instant messaging, but WeChat doesn’t focus on it like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. It is not just a messaging application, and in any case it cannot be easily categorised — it provides too many different functions.

WeChat Benefits and Features

Here are a few of the features of the Chinese app:

  • Messaging. The ability to exchange text, audio and video messages.
  • Public accounts. Type of account reserved for influencers and bloggers
  • Enterprise. Space for businesses and corporate accounts
  • Moments. Special feature allowing close friends to share pictures quickly in a select group
  • Payments. WeChat allows people who aren’t even active users to exchange money and integrate this system into their accounts
  • Channels. Video-centered profiles similar to Instagram’s reels profiles

Other smaller features are also present, and this all-encompassing user experience is what drives some Western users to WeChat. The app is used by many Western brands and by millions of non-Chinese. The features are a reason, and WeChat is a good alternative to regular social media. Moreover, it combines many iconic social media functions that are typically spread across several platforms.

But WeChat also offers a unique insight into the Chinese Internet. For people interested in China or foreigners living there, WeChat offers a valuable source of info, interactions, participation in offline & online activities, etc. Owning a WeChat account in such cases is imporant, but it’s also practical and enjoyable.

But do you need a phone number for WeChat? You do, and it’s better if it’s Chinese.

WeChat Registration Process

WeChat requires a phone number for registration. You will also need to give your full name and region of residence. These can be faked, but a phone number is harder to simulate. In terms of availability, WeChat is accessible abroad. Non-residents of China can register, but there are certain difficulties involved. So, what is WeChat like outside China?

Here are some common issues:

  • WeChat censorship can block messages and posts of foreign users on a whim, it’s been done before;
  • WeChat or some of its features are censored by some governments, like USA, Sweden, and Iran.

Many of these limitations are tied to the region, but during WeChat registration, the system mostly perceives a region based on phone data. So, getting a Chinese number solves problems. Chinese users are also more likely to be processed by staff fast, more likely to be unbanned if need be, etc. It’s better to be Chinese in the eyes of WeChat, and you can achieve that.

Register on WeChat without a phone number outside of China

The WeChat registration of a non-Chinese account is possible by purchasing a phone number online registered in this country. Virtual numbers are great in this, offering an anonymous, effective way to join apps. It’s safe, untraceable, and keeps you private. It also saves you from potential data theft by the Chinese government, which is a valid concern.

The SMS-man platform gives you the opportunity to get a phone number online from 150+ different regions, which you can use to register with messengers, social networks, apps and more.

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Here is an instruction on how to buy a Chinese virtual phone number for registration:

  1. Go to and register using your email address;
  2. Deposit money from the “top up my account” section and wait for it to be credited;
  3. Go back to the main page to choose “China” country and “WeChat” service;
  4. Click on “Buy” button next to the chosen service to add the phone number to the “History” section;
  5. Copy the obtained Chinese phone number and use it to register your Wechat account;
  6. Wait for the confirmation code to be applied and go back to SMS-man to read it;
  7. Paste the code received to complete the registration.



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