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Can I create New VK Account without a Phone Number

create New VK Account without a Phone Number

VK is the largest Russian social media platform started as a twin-brother of Facebook in 2006 by Pavel Durov. Since then, it has changed a lot and evolved its own unique features and benefits for users. Today, like many other social networks, it offers functionality for both private communication and business promotion. Over time, its popularity went beyond Russian boundaries to attract users from neighboring countries. These are Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan. Besides, today VK has users from the USA, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

The platform supports over 80 languages, and by 2022, its monthly audience has exceeded 100 million users throughout the globe.

Creating a second VK account may be difficult since the platform asks for phone number verification and your current number is already in use. In this article, we’ll find out how to create a VK account without phone number. But first let’s consider what is VK considering the functionality and what makes it a highly convenient platform for many purposes.

Can I create New VK Account without a Phone Number

VK — benefits and features

Regarding unique features, with a VK account, individuals can transfer videos from YouTube and other video hostings right to the platform. This feature is called VK Video Transfer. Moreover, since 2019, the social network has been selling goods from Aliexpress. The platform also offers a combined subscription feature called VK Combo for in-app music service, food delivery, taxi, and others. Finally, the platform has now shifted its focus to expand functionality for cybersportsmen, and launched the gaming platform VK play combining the marketplace, streaming features, and gaming functionality.

If you are already using the platform, you are aware of how satisfying and function-wise this service is for leisure and keeping in touch with friends. However, let’s see what is VK regarding business-oriented goals.

VK — benefits and features

With VK, among other things, businesses can:

  • Launch target ads: many formats, various audiences, thorough context ads settings.
  • Create a VK community as a free alternative to a company website. With it, individuals can add goods, services, articles, and many other options.
  • Use Chat-bots to simplify your customer service.

Among other things, they allow answering customer questions, automate receiving and processing of orders, setting notifications about discounts and promotions, upselling, gathering feedback, and more.

Utilize VK Store. With this feature, you can connect and fill the “Products” section. Within the service, your clients can select goods, add them to the cart, and pay right through the VK payment system.

Why does VK require a phone number for registration?

As you may know, to create VK account, it is mandatory to pass phone number verification. According to the policy of the platform, like with most other online services, it will protect your user account if hackers somehow manage to steal your password. In other words, it helps safeguard both your personal VK account and all the communities you are managing if any.

The point is that linking the page to email only does not provide the personal page with a sufficient level of security. Not to mention that the registration by email would untie the hands of tens of thousands spammers and simplify their job. That is why the service implemented two-factor authentication as an extra level of user sensitive data security.

Therefore, be sure to link your account to the current phone number.

However, there is a contradiction here, don’t you think? To protect your user sensitive data that is contained in your account, you have to provide the phone number. Which, by the way, is not considered as private information. But still, if it gets into the untrusted hands, it can potentially give access to many parts of your data. Just to remember huge data breaches that almost any service has faced at least once (VK is not an exception).

So, if for any reason you want to avoid utilizing your real phone number to register a new VK account or looking for a way to create multiple accounts at once, you can consider the chance to obtain a virtual phone on our website.

Can I create VK account without a Phone Number?

The SMS-man platform sells virtual numbers to activate accounts on various social networks, messengers, dating apps and other online platforms. In addition, thanks to a wide selection of mobile countries, you can use them to bypass blocking and regional restrictions.

virtual phone number for VK

Step-by-step instructions on how to get a virtual phone number for VK registration:

  1. First, you need to register at our website – or log in if you already have an active account.
  2. Go to “Top up my balance” and make a deposit of the required amount.
  3. Select the appropriate mobile operator country and VKontakte service (you can choose any country, regardless of your actual location).
  4. Then click “Buy” opposite to the selected service to add the virtual number to the history section.
  5. Copy the purchased phone number to use it in the process of registration of a new VK account.
  6. To get the confirmation code, go back to the SMS-man platform and click “Receive SMS”.
  7. Use the code you receive to complete your VK SMS verification.

If you find our service convenient and plan to use it regularly, we recommend you to download our application for Windows.

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