How to create VK account with a virtual phone number?
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create VK account

Nowadays there are many social media networks on the internet. But not even half of them are as popular as VK. This platform was initially launched and worked only in Russia. However, at the moment its database includes users from many countries all over the world. The rapid growth of its popularity has led to an increase in demand for such a tool as virtual numbers which are set up to receive OTP from this service. It is a great solution for both those who do not want to use their personal number for security purposes or because its country of issue is not supported. Moreover, such a feature provides a simple and cost-effective opportunity to create multiple accounts. Learn about how to get a virtual number as well as create VK account with it in a few minutes.

Purchasing a virtual cell phone for VK SMS verification

Dealing with this task is simple no matter what the goal is. It takes only visiting a specialized website such as SMS-Man. Our service has been helping users to register profiles on popular social media services without the need to buy an expensive real SIM card for a long time. We offer one of the lowest prices on the virtual telephony market. You can obtain a virtual phone to create VK account just for $0.30. Here is how to do it:

1. Proceed to the platform and open the “Sign up” tab on the right side of the page.

SMS-Man sign up

2. Fill in all the necessary fields and register an account.

SMS-Man register

3. Go to the payment section and use a suitable method from those that are available to top up your profile balance.

SMS-Man account recharge

4. Select the country of issue of virtual cell phone and the VK application on the main page of the service.

virtual number to create VK account

5. Press the “Buy” button to make a purchase.

buy virtual number to create VK account

A purchased virtual number that is set up and can be used to create VK account will appear at the top of the homepage of the platform. You can also find it on the “Request history” tab in your personal profile. SMS-Man is designed to be a user-friendly service so that it is as easy to use as possible. The next step is to copy the received virtual number and use it to sign up for a fake VK account complying with our instructions below.

Taking advantage of a virtual mobile phone to create VK account

There is nothing complicated about this and everyone can do it. Dealing with VK account without phone registration does not take longer than getting a virtual number. Even those who have never done it can do it in a few minutes. But it is even easier if following our step-by-step guidance:

1. Enter the purchased virtual cell number on the VK sign up page through the official website or mobile application.

create VK account

2. Request to receive a confirmation message for identity verification by way of SMS.

create VK account

3. Click the “Get SMS” button on SMS-Man and use the received code to complete VK sign up without phone number.

bypass VK SMS verification

You just learned how to create an account on VK not using a personal number only for a few tens of cents. SMS-Man offers a wide choice of cellular operators from different countries, plenty of payment methods and regular technical support to help users if they encounter any problems. So it is not only a fast and cheap but also a convenient way to sign up for the VK social media site using the benefits of virtual telephony.

Make sure to turn on the VPN before trying to create VK account

Using tools for switching the IP address is principal when registering with virtual numbers from other countries. This is also relevant for the creation of a VK account without phone. Your internet location should match the country where the virtual number comes from. If not, the platform may simply not send SMS due to suspicious activity. Moreover, your profile may get blocked at the registration stage or soon afterward. So using VPN is essential in this case.

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