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Anonymous use of the Dingtone app for unlimited call and text

Dingtone app

People love things that make their life more convenient and simple overall. So no wonder why VoIP services such as Dingtone app are getting more popular every day. Having the opportunity to make calls via WiFi is wonderful. It appears to be useful in many cases. Moreover, such services help to increase online privacy by excluding the need to reveal a personal mobile number provided by a cellular carrier that has all the personal data of the user. But they are not perfect as perfect in this regard as in providing online telephony solutions. Even though they improve privacy a lot, saying that it becomes completely protected is not really right. This is why many people wonder how to use this app anonymously. We will tell you the way.

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What is the Dingtone app?

Dingtone is an online service that offers VoIP solutions via mobile app. You can download and install it on both Android and iOS. Its main feature is represented by the opportunity to take a free phone number that is suitable for sending as well as receiving short text messages, calls, and verification codes for registration on various online services. This is pretty useful if for some reason there is a need to get an additional phone number or one to use instead of a personal number. The list of benefits that this app gives users includes the following:

  • International calls to over to hundred countries and regions;
  • Free group and conference phone calls;
  • Caller ID feature support.

Overall, this is a great app for those who would like to get a second mobile number. However, there is also one big disadvantage. It is not really suitable for those who want to operate online phone numbers in bulk. Having only one Dingtone account it is possible to own only one online number. Thereby, having multiple numbers require having at least multiple accounts. This is not convenient, especially compared to operating temporary phone numbers. You should keep this in mind before trying to use this app.

How to create an anonymous Dingtone account?

There are two ways to sign up for this app offered for users. The first one is via mobile number and the second one via mailbox. Usually, people use the first option. But none of those ways is really anonymous, not saying that revealing the mobile number which users do more often is even more dangerous in terms of privacy than disclosing an email address. Signing up for a free calling app called Dingtone really anonymously takes using a fake phone number throughout registration.

Only fake numbers can ensure complete privacy on the web. They are not associated with users in any way and don’t disclose their private info even after getting leaked. You can be sure about staying private when utilizing one of such numbers to sign up for the Dingtone app. It is also possible to use numbers of this kind from other countries. This approach will make the account even more private since the mobile number verified with it doesn’t show where the user is actually from.

Dingtone app

Using a fake phone number for Dingtone registration

Creating an anonymous account with a fake number isn’t difficult at all. But it is necessary to get such a number first. This is more difficult, although not complicated at all. You need only a few minutes of free time for this task. Moreover, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to do this. Thus, to obtain a fake phone number that is set up for registration with Dingtone to get basically unlimited call and text, do the following:

1. Sign up for an account on

2. Replenish the balance with funds using a convenient payment method. You can find them all on the appropriate tab and choose one that seems the best to you.

3. Select the country where the fake number will be issued on the main page. It is better to select a country located far away from your country of residence if the goal is to remain as private as possible.

4. Search for the Dingtone app on the list with supported online services.

5. Buy a fake mobile phone number by making a click on the appropriate button.

You’ve completed the most difficult part of the process. Now signing up for an anonymous account on the Dingtone app is only a matter only of a few minutes. To do this, copy the received fake number and proceed to registration on service. Then choose registration via mobile phone number and use the purchased fake mobile number for completing verification with a one-time password to create a new account that will be not only fully operable but also completely anonymous.

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