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Adidas: how to create an account with US virtual number

Account with an American number

One of the most popular sportswear companies is Adidas, whose online store allows you to purchase branded products online, as well as participate in a loyalty program. The review will spell out the features of the personal account, the registration process
Regular shopping brings bonuses that allow you to save on the purchase of clothing and shoes. This is especially beneficial for regular customers. However, special offers are only available to registered users. Becoming a member of the program is easy – you just need to create your personal account.

By registering on the website or in the app, the buyer is connected to a single account for access to all Adidas services. The account will help take advantage of all the benefits of the bonus program. All bonuses are credited to the personal card. Their number depends on the value of the purchase. The more bonus points accumulated, the greater the discount.
The participants of the loyalty program are waiting for tempting and exclusive offers from the brand. There are also various bonuses on the first order

Advantages of the store and personal account registration

– The newest collections are available exclusively.
– Constantly updated wide range of products from various sub-brands;
– Variety of delivery and payment methods, including incredibly popular “Order and Pick up” format with free delivery to the nearest retail store;
– Free delivery on payment in a personal account of the official site;
– A program that allows access to exclusive promotions and special offers, as well as accumulate a discount of up to 20% on the purchase of Adidas products;


Adidas account with an American number

Different countries have different discounts and promo codes. You can create multiple accounts with different country numbers in order to get more exclusive offers and in order to reuse one-time promo codes. We’ll show you how to create an Adidas account using an American number. Buying additional SIM cards for this is not really a good idea. Why waste your time and money when you can use a virtual number to register. You need to buy a disposable virtual number at Sms-man and register with this number. You can choose a number of any country you are interested in from more than 1000 services. For example American number for Adidas will cost you $0.24.


To successfully register with an American number at Adidas you need to follow the following steps:

1. Create an account on the Sms-man website, confirm the account via email:
2. Refill your account with any convenient payment method;
3. Go back to the main page of the service, choose the country-US and the service-Adidas. Then click “buy” button;
4. Then the system will find your number, which you need to copy into the Adidas registration field;
5. When you will be asked to enter the code from the sms, you need to click “get sms” directly on the site. The code will be displayed under the number you bought, paste it into the registration field;
6. Finished! You can create an unlimited number of such accounts.

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