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Promotion of the YouTube channel



Decided to promote your channel on YouTube and do not know where to start? That’s okay, here I will try to tell you in detail and describe how to do it. Where to start. Probably every beginning blogger dreams of having an audience of many millions and at the same time to invest minimum efforts and expenses. Of course, if you have the financial capacity, then everything is simple, you can order its promotion for money, quickly, easily, efficiently and without wasting your precious time.

But my article will be about how to do it for free. After all, most often it happens that there is no financial ability to advertise, or you want to learn to do it yourself.

In the early days of YouTube, anyone could promote their channel with creativity. Now the channel is full of bloggers, for its promotion will need to make a lot of effort and knowledge. It seems that it is already impossible to untwist in it, the entire audience is already divided. But as the saying goes, nothing is impossible. Everything can work out if you work well on it.

To do this, you must first study and look at how popular videos on it look like, what they contain. Collect all the useful information for promotion, and only then move on to creating your channel on YouTube.

Selecting unique content

First of all, you need to create unique and high-quality content. Or choose a popular one that is in demand on the channel. Without it, there will be no promotion. You can do this in advance, prepare for a certain period, a certain number of videos. It should be so captivating and interesting for the audience to catch her and people want more and more to watch your videos.

The title and description of the context is also very important. After all, as the Russian proverb says, “Clothes first, brains second,” so it is with the video. First of all, people pay attention to the interesting, catchy title and description, and then, if they are hooked, then directly look at the content.

Advertising and promotion of the channel

Try to place, wherever possible links to their material. It will be like advertising promotion. For example, you publish in social networking groups, write “Look, what a great video” and link to the video from your channel. Naturally, the channel is promoted through interesting videos. People will come in, watch, like or dislike, leave comments, and if they like your theme movement will subscribe to you.

You can also use one more trick such as leaving your link in the comments on popular videos. For example, “Oh, cool video, but look what I have” or “And I do the same thing quite differently, look” and a link to the video. By the way, this is a very good option. Those people who are watching can get interested and follow the link to watch it.

Also in the description or comments don’t forget to make a call to like, subscribe to the channel.

Create a little honest shenanigans on your channel. People are always interested in something to participate in, and even more so for a fee.

Free promotion of your YouTube channel naturally takes much more time than paid promotion. If you need to promote your channel as fast as possible, everything will depend on you, how much time you are ready to spend on this case. The more effort, labor and time you put in, the faster the result will be.



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