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Klarna: Sign Up without a Phone Number

Klarna sign up

Klarna is a fintech company from Sweden. It offers users different solutions in the financial industry. First and foremost it provides the ability to pay for goods in online stores and make direct as well as post-purchase payments. But the main purpose of the service is to exclude financial risks for buyers and sellers by processing store claims and customer payments. Of course, as with other similar platforms, many people wonder how to do Klarna sign up without a phone number. This article will give a working and efficient answer to that question.

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Klarna sign up: greatest benefits for new users

It is common for every service to have its own advantages and disadvantages. Most often new users are interested in the first category so we are going to explain this in detail. Luckily, for those who decide to register a Klarna account, there are available plenty of benefits. These include:

  • No subscriptions with annual as well as membership fees;
  • Zero interest on loans;
  • Several finance avenues;
  • Multiple customer service channels;
  • Generous affiliate program.

So it is pretty obvious that it is a good decision to create Klarna account no matter what your financial goals are. This service offers a bunch of convenient and cost-effective solutions for people of all classes. But the possibility of signing up for it without using a phone number is still in question. Let’s see if it is possible and in what way.

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Possibility to do Klarna register without phone number

As has been said before, Klarna is an online service that offers different financial solutions. In order to provide the greatest security possible, going through mobile phone number verification is necessary when working with this platform. You can sign up for it with your email address only but then it will ask you to either confirm your phone number or log out from your new Klarna account. There is no way to bypass this step in any way.

But there is also good news. Even though verification is mandatory, it is not required to use your personal number to complete this task. With the understanding that it cannot be always available or used due to the desire to remain private online there exist special platforms that offer the opportunity to obtain a Klarna verification code in a few minutes. It is done with virtual phone numbers. You can use them to get a confirmation text message from literally any website or application thereby bypassing verification without using a personal number.

How to get the Klarna verification code with a virtual number?

The first step in this task is to obtain a virtual phone number. You can do this with us. Getting access to all the solutions of our platform including a virtual number for the Klarna sign up involves only completing a simple registration. It goes as follows:

1. First of all, register at sms-man.com and confirm your profile creation.

Signing up for SMS-Man

2. Then move on to the payment tab to add credits to the balance. You can choose between various payment methods from making a bank transfer to paying with cryptocurrencies.

Recharging balance on SMS-Man

3. Find and select a suitable country for the virtual phone number operator from the start page of the service.

4. Scroll page to section with supported internet platforms and choose Klarna.

5. Press the appropriate button to obtain a virtual number.

You have purchased a number that is able to receive OTP for Klarna sign up. Now enter it on the registration form and click “Send code”. The platform will send to your virtual cell number a set of digits that is necessary for completing verification. In order to reveal it open the SMS-Man service once again and tap on “Get SMS”.

This is literally everything that it takes to efficiently answer the question of how to sign up for Klarna without using a personal number. Such a solution is available from anywhere in the world and pretty affordable considering its cost which is much lower even than buying a SIM card.

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