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JustDial Registration without a Phone Number

JustDial Registration without a Phone Number

You can pass JustDial registration to use its aggregator for Indian business ventures, restaurants, clinics, etc. Their services revolve around its portal, reminiscent of a marketplace or classifieds platform, where you can browse numerous subjects and make a listing.

The latter action is available only with an account, alongside others. What’s catchy is that the signup process requests a number powered on Indian SIM, which is troublesome for all foreigners on this platform. SMS-man is here how to finish JustDial registration using a virtual number that operates without a SIM card. 

What is JustDial?

First, let’s take a look at the service. According to what JustDial says and shows, their main product is a local search engine. It allows users to discover any business of their interest, from a dentist clinic to a restaurant or takeout service. You can access it via multiple platforms, including a website, mobile app, telephone voice call, and SMS.

So, what is JustDial in terms of operation? Let’s take its website for observation. It welcomes you with many features: a search bar, signup, free listing options, categories, address selections, ongoing activities, recommendations, popular searches, and recent ones.

Whether you seek apartments for rental, estate agents, driving schools, or even event organizers, you’ll find many options for what you need! The website allows all business owners who underwent the JustDial registration to make a publication with any information about their enterprise.

Namely, they can add the company title, address, experience, work hours, call button, and response time. There are pictures, services provided, corporate details, FAQs, etc. JustDial also aggregates consumer ratings & reviews, allowing anyone to learn about the company before buying from it.

There is a paid advertisement option available if you finish a JustDial account. It allows for a lift in the search engine results page and makes it easy to find warm-up customers or obtain data about competition & lead trends. It has three plans, offering different price rates and features.

The platform operates in English and the regional languages of India. You can choose from countless cities and districts of the country, including major and minor ones. It has attracted almost 200 million users to complete the JustDial registration procedure. Here is how you can do it, too.

What is JustDial?

JustDial Registration Explained

JustDial made a quick signup process that requests a few private details. All you need to start is a phone number beginning at +91. They send a one-time password (OTP) in an SMS code to this number, then you submit it and enter your name. Additional signup methods include a Google account.

Online services often use OTPs for easy registration. This way, you only need to provide your phone number for JustDial without adding extra personal information like email or passport details. Despite that, the urge to obtain an Indian SIM makes it a problem for all foreigners without it. 

You might also feel uncomfortable sharing a number if you’re an Indian citizen concerned about privacy. This data is open for misuse in the wrong hands. If you don’t want to lose peace of mind, consider an option to bypass the phone confirmation during the JustDial registration using SMS-man’s temporary numbers.

Virtual Numbers for a JustDial Account

Virtual numbers do not use SIM cards in operation, relying only on cloud technology, allowing you to buy & use them without leaving home. At the same time, your privacy doesn’t suffer as you do not provide any data revealing you. Moreover, they can have any national code, including Indian.

Using a virtual phone number for JustDial signup doesn’t violate the service’s terms of service (TOS), privacy policy, or government regulations. Many vendors openly sell them, and they’re available to anyone. If there were any legal issues, the vendors would be the ones responsible, not the users.

If you’re in India and want to stay anonymous, or if you’re from another country and need to use the service, buying such a number to create JustDial account can be useful. You can try various vendors, but SMS-man might be the best fit. It sells extra cheap one-time numbers that support 190+ countries and accept SMS codes from nearly 1,5K apps, including JustDial. 

virtual phone number from sms man

Register on JustDial Using a Fake Number

All you need to feel alright buying on SMS-man is five minutes of your time and just $1 on the balance. So, what is JustDial signup using one of these numbers? SMS-man has made a stepwise how-to guide to help you:

  1. Join SMS-man and register an account.
  2. Find the deposit option, then add some money.
  3. Pick the country (India) and the service.
  4. Click ‘buy SMS’, add the number to your profile.
  5. Use the number when asked.
  6. Visit SMS-man and receive the verification code.
  7. Click ‘receive SMS’ near the purchased number.
  8. Enter the OTP & your name to register on JustDial

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