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How to Create a Ripple Account without a Phone Number?

How to Create a Ripple Account without a Phone Number

Ripple bank is well-known for individuals and business owners who look for innovation and contemporary financial solutions for their enterprises. Thus, it is a demanded solution for banking services and other financial organizations.

In today’s reading, let’s explore how businesses can complete the Ripple log in without opening up a private mobile number. However, first, let’s figure out how the platform is useful for enterprises.

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What is Ripple in People’s Minds?

Well, what is Ripple when it comes to what people usually mean when pronouncing this word? Under this name, Internet users usually mean any of the three options:

  • The XRP coin that is called Ripple in the spoken language.
  • Blockchain platform that operates on the basis of the XRP Ledger network.
  • RippleNet, which is a global network for conducting cross-border financial transactions that banks, payment services, and other financial organizations use.

Within the blockchain platform, users make transfers and transactions using its native cryptocurrency XRP. As a platform, Ripple is mostly used by financial institutions and is designed to become an alternative to the existing interbanking transaction systems, such as SWIFT.

Well, what is Ripple when speaking of the blockchain platform’s functionality? It was launched by the American software engineers Jad McCaleb and Arthur Britto along with a cryptographer David Shwartz. While an author of the core concept is a Canadian software engineer Ryan Fugger. The idea of creating a decentralized payment system emerged after he learned about the Vancoover’s department of the local exchange trading system in 2004. In 2005, свет увидела первая итерация этой системы под названием, которая, впрочем, не получила широкого распространения.

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Overview of RippleNet

And the last, RippleNet, provides users with such features as messaging, clearing and real-time settlement of financial transactions.

It is the key product of the company Ripple Labs launched in 2012, combining three elements under the RippleNet name. The Ripple account holders will get access to:

  • xCurrent, which is an embedded banking software for processing cross-border payments. It increases efficiency of traditional payment methods along with providing the same security standards and meets regulatory requirements.
  • On-Demand Liquidity (ODL), which is a service for providing liquidity for fiat currency transactions. For conducting international transfers, banks need to store various national currencies. While ODL allows to free up this capital by converting fiat into XRP, where the currency serves as a payment intermediary. First, the main currency is exchanged into XRP and after successful processing of the transaction in another bank, the second one exchanges XRP into its currency.
  • xVia, an API interface that was designed to enable using separate components of RippleNet. It is a browser extension that users can embed into already used software.

As for the XRP coin, compared to other cryptocurrencies, it is centralized. Here is why XRP Ledger is a frequent choice by financial organizations. Moreover, you cannot mine XRP, unlike other cryptocurrencies. Ripple Labs generated all XRP coins before the official release. And last but not least, this coin offers pretty low fees and transaction costs with 1,500 processed transactions per second against Bitcoin’s 4 transactions per second.

What is Ripple in Terms of Working Principle?

Similar to Bitcoin’s blockchain, the Ripple ecosystem operates on the basis of a decentralized network XRP Ledger (XRPL). Though, contrasting to a proof-of-work system, XRP Ledger uses the proprietary consensus algorithm called XRP Ledger Consensus Protocol. It works under a consensus logic that leaves no chance for double-spending and provides a high percentage of the platform’s integrity. Confirmations within the system are ultrafast, taking just a few seconds.

Though financial operations between Ripple wallets are publicly accessible, the history is not connected with any certain individual or company’s account. Moreover, users can anonymize publicly visible transactions.

Thus, using the Ripple bank service on the basis of the XRP Ledger is good for micro transactions in various apps, NFT and deployment of DeFi protocols, as well as for the emission of stable coins and CBDC. Moreover, in the XRP Ledger, you can tokenize traditional assets such as securities and fiat money.

The main developer of XRP Ledger is a non-profitable organization XRP Foundation founded in the fall of 2020. Among the blockchain’s users, there are large business players, such as the processing service BitPay, a custodian bank BitGo, and the blockchain game developing platform Forte.

Ripple Registration Process

To register a new business account on, you first need to fill out the feedback form. This step allows the company’s sales team to define whether their financial tools are a good fit for your type of organization.

So, it all depends on the business goals that you are registering a Ripple account with. Whether you need to easen instant payments, attract crypto enthusiasts to your banking service, generate additional revenue or something else.

For the form, you need to provide various information, including:

  • Your name and last name.
  • Country.
  • Name of the company and its type.
  • Business email address.
  • What Ripple’s solution you have interest in.
  • Mobile number.
  • Your organization’s annual revenue.

Moreover, the platform requires you to give a couple-sentences description of your query. With this data, the sales team will easily find the most efficient solution to meet your business needs.

Since the platform asks quite a lot of personal information when conducting the Ripple registration, for better privacy, you may consider hiding some of it which is possible. For example, to enhance your anonymity within Ripple, leveraging a temporary email and phone number will be quite wise. This will help you avoid getting spam messages and your sensitive data to get in the hands of malicious actors.

How to Create Ripple Account without a Phone Number?

Today’s online services frequently ask to open up a phone number or email to send you an OTP for account confirmation or verification (or both). However, this can be quite dangerous since if your phone number is in open source, it means that hackers (or greedy marketers) can reach other personal data of yours. Such as the number of the ID, country, information about your device, and many more.

To avoid giving out your sensitive information when completing the Ripple log in, using generated virtual numbers with a limited duration can be very helpful. When purchasing such a number, you need to provide no ID, nor real geolocation or other private data.

For example, setting up an SMS-Man account will only take you to provide an email. With this vendor, you can anonymously register on 3000+ platforms by utilizing one out of the 190+ country codes regardless of where you are actually located.

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So, what do you need to buy a one-time use virtual phone number for Ripple bank from SMS-man? Here is the instructions:

  1. Join by email or via verified Gmail.
  2. Add funds to the balance — with fiat money or Bitcoin via the available payment systems.
  3. After that, purchase a number in two steps: choose the service and then the country code. Click ‘Purchase’.
  4. Enter the purchased number to the Ripple feedback form — please find it under the payment options in ‘History’ in SMS-man.
  5. To reveal the code, go back to the SMS-man page and click ‘Get SMS’ near the number.
  6. Complete the Ripple account registration by using the code.

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