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How to Buy from Pinduoduo Outside China?

Pinduoduo Outside China

Pinduoduo App offers a marketplace platform targeted at China-based customers who search for a wide range of inexpensive goods. Electronics, home care items, body care things, accessories—most of today’s lifestyle products are present here. What sets this platform apart from competitors is its ‘team purchase’ model.

They invite you to join forces with others to generate discounts and obtain products at a decreased price. You can also chat with vendors and team members, so there’s an entire social network in Pinduoduo App. Sounds puzzling, so let’s get a better grasp on this service.

What does Pinduoduo App Offer?

There isn’t an empty search bar on Pinduoduo. The application offers a personalized feed of products that cater to the needs and wants that the system evaluates after asking a user several questions. This model enables customers to easily discover the products they need or wouldn’t know about otherwise.

Despite the absence of a search bar, the Pinduoduo app provides a lot of product categories, from ‘popular’ to ‘fresh produce’ and ‘electronics’. This marketplace offers food products brought by farmers and agricultural vendors, top-notch gadgets, etc. So, this is like Amazon, Alibaba, or, but with a specific charm.

But what is Pinduoduo doing to improve its platform, apart from the aforementioned efforts? One can explore frequent promotions, specific product details, refund programs & customer reviews. The most impressive feature of the app starts when the user is ready to make a purchase.


Team Purchasing at Pinduoduo App

How to buy from Pinduoduo sellers? Try team purchasing! Join an existing group or set up a fresh one by adding others. Once a two-user team is ready, both can select products & enjoy decreased prices on them! The more teammates, the more savings for all. They can reach out using the chat service, bringing extra cooperation & fun. 

The acquisition will be insured to ship out within 48 hours via built-in delivery. Plus, the customers can receive free shipping, products & discounts for playing in-app games. Anyone can create both a regular & merchant account to build a business here. The latter makes sense, given the gigantic user base of 622 million who use the Pinduoduo app on mobile or browser.

What is Pinduoduo Registration Like?

To register an account on Pinduoduo marketplace, you must share a line of sensible data pieces like the China-issued mobile number, email address, and a government identification number. Afterward, you will need to add payment details, i.e. your bank information, but it’s skippable. Plus, they can request your name & address.

But what is Pinduoduo reasoning for account registration? When it comes to buying and using the features, they need user data. It helps to standardize the whole system operation, set up recommendation algorithms based on statistics & give out relevant products. Plus, they require it to match basic security rules and Chinese law.

China collects user data to then track down people when/if needed. They also collect data from foreigners, leading some to raise questions about anonymity and respect for user privacy in China. Plus, the data on Chinese servers can be compromised and used by hackers for anything.

Moreover, you cannot create Pinduoduo account outside of China using traditional ways. The phone number must be Chinese, as well as the state ID number. While you can have a government ID, for example, if you are Chinese abroad, it will be more difficult to get a new Chinese SIM number. But you don’t need it; use a virtual one!

Create Pinduoduo Account Using a Virtual Number

Virtual numbers can be made wherever you like because they’re not using location-bound SIM cards to operate. These numbers rely on online software, capable of generating numerous national codes, including Chinese. Pinduoduo app will not figure out the mismatch, and you will pass the registration with no hassle.

SMS-Man sells these numbers for rent or a single purchase. The former option is more durable and suitable for numerous services but costs more in comparison with the latter one.

virtual phone number

If you need a single account, try a single number:

  • Register & log in on
  • Refill your balance (1 USD is OK),
  • Find ‘Buy SMS’,
  • Select country (China) & service (Pinduoduo) to buy an SMS.
  • Press ‘buy SMS’ near the required service button.
  • Find number in archives.
  • Enter this number when asked.
  • Visit, pick ‘Get SMS’.
  • Use the code & Complete Pinduoduo profile.

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