How to set up PayPal business account without mobile number
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How to set up PayPal business account without mobile number

open a business PayPal account

Signing up for an account with no mobile number used if it is required to use might seem impossible. This starts seeming even more impossible in the case of e-wallets and payment systems. But there is nothing wrong with this actually. You can do this with basically any online service. So it is also possible to open a business PayPal account without a mobile number. It just takes using a simple and effective feature known as a fake phone number. It gives the opportunity to complete registration regardless of location and time zone. Find more about it below.

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What is a business account on PayPal?

PayPal is among the most well-known electronical payment systems at the moment. Basically, it offers users two solutions. Those are personal and business accounts. The first solution is not really bad. However, for those who are doing online business or something like this, it is recommended to have a business account. Such an account includes many benefits including:

  • Payments reception from customers;
  • Invoices creation;
  • Higher limit on transactions.

Most often those who open a business PayPal account are small business owners. It is a great decision for them. This feature allows users to send and receive payments quickly and with ease. You can make it even easier by operating a fake phone number when making an account.

Getting a fake number online

SMS-Man has been providing fake phone numbers for more than five years. There are more than half a million people that used their solutions. Such popularity is obviously determined by significant reasons. First of all, they are often considered the most trustworthy provider of fake numbers in Russia. You can just go through different reviews to find it out. So there is no need to worry about getting not working service.

The second reason is pricing. Purchasing a fake phone number to set up business PayPal account with this platform costs less than $1. It is way cheaper compared to prices on registered accounts. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to get a fake number for long time use. This feature allows users to operate their profiles for a fixed period of time and be sure that they face no issues until this time ends. So there are options for everyone and every goal.

How to open a business PayPal account with a fake number?

Completing this task is the same for every online service. It doesn’t matter whether it is Facebook or PayPal. You just take a fake phone number and, once obtained, use it to obtain a verification code to register an account. So there is nothing really complicated about how to use PayPal for business in this way. Just read and follow the next steps if it is the goal you are trying to achieve:

1. Create a personal account with the service that provides fake numbers for registration.

2. Use a suitable payment method to refill the balance. You can top up even less than $1.

3. Switch back to the homepage and select in which country the cellular carrier of the fake phone number should be located.

4. Use the drop-down list of services with the active search feature to find PayPal among other platforms.

5. Proceed to purchase. Your fake number will be shown at the top of the homepage.

6. Open the registration form on PayPal, verify that you are not a robot, and put the received number as a verification method.

7. Use obtained code to register the account.

Your fake phone number is not linked to your smartphone or SIM card. Thereby, the verification code will arrive on SMS-Man. It might be revealed by clicking on “Get SMS”. This button stays right to the phone number on the same form.

How to create PayPal business account without a mobile number is no longer question that causes difficulties. You can do this with a fake number instead. Moreover, everyone can do it. This opportunity is available to every internet user. It takes only using solutions from the relevant online service.

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