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How to Verify Samsung Account without Phone Number

verify Samsung account without phone number

Nowadays every mobile developer is trying to make its brand as much self-sufficient as possible. For example, a few years ago, an opportunity to create a special account to link it with a device was available only for users of Apple. But now it is also available for those who use products from other brands including Samsung. You can do this through the appropriate device and even a web browser on either a laptop or PC. However, despite its simplicity, sometimes there still appear certain difficulties. So, in this article, we will give the answer to one of the most popular questions. Find out how to create and verify Samsung account without phone number.

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Make a Samsung account without phone number

Creating a profile of this type is much easier than signing up for an Apple ID. The reason is that it is not mandatory to use a mobile cell number when dealing with this task. Moreover, as it was stated before, it is possible to create a Samsung account right on a PC. You only need to have a web browser and a stable internet connection. In our instruction, we will go exactly that way as it is available even for those who don’t have a device from Samsung. Just follow the next steps:

1. Open the official web account center of Samsung.

2. Select the option to register a new account.

3. Read and agree to the required terms and conditions.

4. Fill in all suggested fields with various credentials.

5. Proceed to provided email and copy obtained Samsung verification code.

6. Enter it on the registration form.

7. Enjoy your new profile.

You can manage created account right on a PC. But it will be more profitable in terms of accessing more features to transfer it to a mobile phone or tablet. To perform this action just proceed to the sign in feature and use the previously provided mailbox address together with the password to get into your profile.

How to verify Samsung account without phone number?

It is not mandatory to verify the registered profile with a mobile phone number. But due to different reasons sometimes there might appear such a need. Some people don’t like disclosing their personal numbers for security purposes. Others might simply don’t have it available at a certain moment. So here often comes the question of how can anyone verify Samsung account without phone number. You can easily do this with the help of a fake phone number.

There is no need to go anywhere to get one of them. Such numbers are provided by appropriate online services and are designed specifically to complete verification. In fact, they allow receiving OTP in just a few minutes without even leaving home. Their cost is also pretty low. In most cases, a fake number costs less than $1. This rule does also apply to those numbers that are suitable for use with Samsung.

Where to get a fake number?

There are a lot of platforms that offer fake phone numbers. But since our goal is to complete mobile number verification only once, it will be much better to use one-time numbers as they are way cheaper. SMS-Man gives the opportunity to get such a fake number in a few clicks. Here is how to get and activate the fake phone number for Samsung verification via OTP:

1. Sign up for the website.

SMS-Man sign up

2. Replenish its balance in a suitable way.

SMS-Man payment

3. Purchase a fake number with appropriate parameters from the main page.

SMS-Man buy Samsung account phone number

4. Enter it on the Samsung verification window and send the code.

5. Click the “Get SMS” button on our platform.

6. Copy the received verification code.

7. Finish verification.

It is not really difficult to verify Samsung account without phone number. Moreover, it is also pretty affordable and convenient. You can do this with a fake phone number for verification at any time. Our service works automatically and doesn’t require interacting with anyone.

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