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How to Unlock PayPal Account in 2023

PayPal account locked

The popularity of online payments is growing every day. But along with convenience comes other problems such as PayPal account locked. While this digital wallet is used by many people from all over the world named issue has become very often to see and discussed. Truly there is nothing good about this situation at all. Locked account cannot be used to transfer funds anywhere making it not fully operable and almost useless. In this article we will talk about the most frequent reasons for this and how it can be fixed.

Reasons for being locked

PayPal is one of the most popular and oldest online payment services in the world. In light of the above, it currently has a strong security system. Its original purpose is to prevent suspicious activity, illegal business or fraud. But it also works in many other cases. Here are the main reasons:

  • Entering wrong password. It is one of the most common cases. Like with a lot of other payment systems when the password is entered wrong too many times account is being locked on security purpose.
  • Logging in from different locations. While used wallet passively binded to the certain location. Logging in with absolutely different IP address is the straight way to make it stuck on this step.
  • Receiving abnormally large amount of money. Every actively used account has its average amount of money received monthly. Transactions that greatly exceed this mark may lead to the lock.
  • Being complained multiple times. This is not always fair but it is what it is. A lot of complaints from other users of the system make wallet look suspicious so it is being frozen until all the necessary checks are done.
  • Selling illegal goods. PayPal has its own use policy regarding allowed business activities. Going against them is definitely not a good decision that never ends well.

Of course, those are not all the reasons. There might be much more of them. But regarless what has caused the lock, solution is almost always the same. Let’s see what it is possible to do in order to unlock PayPal account.

Possible ways to unlock the wallet

The first thing to do is to find out what caused this situation. Usually the cause is found when you try to log in with a locked account. After that, there are two ways to go. The simplest is to wait 180 days for the account to unlock automatically and the funds become available for transfer. But this is not always possible. It takes a lot of time. In addition, there is no guarantee of a positive result after this period.

Here comes another solution path. You can reach out to the platform customer support service. This is the way more conveniet and faster way to solve PayPal account restricted issue. But it has its own peculiarities. Unlike the first option in this case wallet owner will have to provide additional information about his identity or recent transactions. It may be original telephone number, a statement for linked credit card or bank account, old email address and many else or all together. After that the service will do their own checks and decide to unlock or keep the wallet frozen.

How to fix PayPal account locked issue with a virtual phone number

Sometimes it is not possible to access the wallet once again under any circumstances. In most cases it means that PayPal account locked permanently. The most important thing everyone should know about when dealing with this issue is there is no option to sign up with two personal or business profiles using the same phone number. Only one type of each wallet allowed. So another phone number required. And there is much more effective option than buying new and expensive SIM card.

SMS-Man offers virtual phone numbers to receive verification codes from various apps including PayPal. Our platform requires only passing simple registratinon process to start working with it. Once done there is no limitations on how much amount of bought and used numbers. The stock contains virtual phone numbers from more than a hundred countries including exotic ones. Also there are available both one-time and multiple text messages receipt. So it is possible to create new PayPal account in different ways. You are free to use all the presented on the website options.
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