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How to sign up in without phone number

vqGmQsoQ 400x400 is the largest retailer in China.

The company operates through the Retail and New Businesses segments. The segment offers online retail, online marketplace, and marketing services. The New Businesses segment comprises of logistic services provided to 3rd parties, overseas business, and technology initiatives; asset management services to logistics property investors; and sale of development properties by JD Property. the corporate was founded on June 18, 1998 by Qiang Dong Liu and is headquartered in Beijing, China.

Start on JD.COM

One such resource is Obtaining variety to register with JD costs only about 0.17 cents. This service isn’t simply because, but because it’s some advantages over similar resources, namely: low price, easy use, the power to shop for variety to form an account and mail in Google,, Microsoft and plenty of other popular services.

How sign up without phone number ?

1. In order to start without phone with a virtual number register on the website

2. Go to the menu and select the item “Payment”. Refill the account with a convenient payment system.

3. Go back to the main menu and select the “JD” service.

4. Buy a virtual number for by pressing the “Buy” button. Now you can use it to receive sms when you register.

buy a virtual number

5. Choose “Sign up” on the JD app and fill in all the necessary fields. After input personal informaiton, select country and phone field insert a virtual phone number. Press “Next”.

6. To get sms, go back to and click on the tab “Request History” and click “Get sms” opposite the number.

7. In the corresponding field the activation code will appear, copy it and enter it into JD.


That’s it, we succeeded in creating account without a phone number!

Also, you can rent number on bot for Telegram.

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