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How to create second account on Likee without phone number

Likee app

Love using Likee app and would like to create a second account on this platform? There are a lot of users who don’t know to do this as there is mandatory mobile phone number verification and their number is already linked to their main profile. So, we have prepared a detailed tutorial on how to perform that action without a phone number which will surely come in handy in such and similar situations. Just check out this article.

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Why do people decide to create a second Likee account?

There is never a certain reason to register an additional profile regardless of online service. Whether it is Likee, Facebook, or Snapchat, people always have their own, different reasons. In the case of Likee, most often users would like to create and have 2 Likee accounts as they plan on:

  • Promoting their business on the app with multiple pages to get better results;
  • Restoring access to the platform as for some reason their main account got blocked;
  • Having a backup profile in case of a blockage;
  • Spamming comments under publications of idols or competitors;
  • Boosting the number of followers and likes on the main profile.

Those are, of course, only the most popular reasons to perform Likee registration twice. But once again, every user has personal reasons to do this. That’s not really as important as how any person can actually do that. This is what we will talk about in detail below.

Creating a second account on the Likee app

Since our personal mobile phone number was used to verify the first profile, we need to somehow get another one in order to create a second account. Some people decide to go to a cellular carrier store and purchase a new SIM card. However, there is a solution that is much better in many ways. This solution is called temporary numbers. You can obtain them from anywhere in the world and then use them for registration on specific online services as well as for Likee sign up without any difficulties. Here is what exactly to do:

1. Begin and finish registration on

Signing up for SMS-Man

2. Verify the account and log in to the website.

Logging in to SMS Man

3. Find a convenient payment system on the recharge tab and use it to replenish your balance.

Recharging balance on SMS-Man

4. Proceed to the start page and select two parameters: country of origin of temporary phone number and Likee.

Choosing a temporary phone number for Likee

5. Purchase a service with the appropriate button.

Buying a temporary phone number for Likee

You’re halfway there. Now simply copy the received temporary number and use it to create a second account on the Likee app. There are no principal differences between such numbers and regular mobile phone numbers. So, do exactly the same as if it was your personal phone number. This is really convenient and simple. There is nothing complicated about creating an additional page on this app. Now let’s see how to run them both at once.

Using first and second Likee account at once

Having two profiles on the same platform may cause certain difficulties in terms of their operation. They are easy to fix though. You just need to clone the app. This can be done with third-party as well as default apps. Since most modern smartphones have this feature by default, we will explain how to clone the Likee app through it:

1. Unlock your mobile phone.

2. Make a long tap on the app to see the shortcut menu.

3. Tap the button “Clone”.

4. Create a clone of the app.

5. Open it and log in with your first account.

You can manage two accounts at the same time now. In case there is no such default feature on your phone, you can freely download it from Google Play or App Store depending on your OC. For example, it could be Parallel Space which is available for both operating systems. This cloning feature along with temporary numbers can be used to make even more pages than two. It’s only about if you need to do that or not.

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